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Bara Jonson and Free Fairytale Me

March 15th New 2019.png

Submitted by Sandy Graham

How does an act from Sweden take a chance and go to a Live at Heart Festival on a Peninsula named Burin in Canada’s Newfoundland, write a song and end up on the Swedish Independent Music Chart 10 weeks in a row in a # 1 position, thanks to the fans (who are now friends) that they met there?

This is what Bara Jonson and Free did. “We rented a car, drove through torrential rain, landed in the middle of nowhere at the Marystown Hotel and suddenly you feel like you came ‘home’? There is no explaining it, but that is what happened to us.”

So they went back to Sweden and immediately wrote “Hello Newfoundland” and their newly found friends embraced it.

The release of the video included all of the amazing people who forged the road to these lifetime memories and also featured Tale The Rapper.

Watch ‘Hello Newfoundland’ here:

So next up this creative and talented team tackled producing a video for an existing song, “Fairytale Me”. Why the name ‘Fairytale Me’?

The New Sound of Linus Jackson

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Linus Jackson is a Swedish artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Early in his career, he was the lead singer and guitarist in Swedish grunge band The Sludge, and he has been touring with a lot of artists in different roles. For example, you can hear him sing backup vocals with Ane Brun on her live album “Songs Tour 2013 (Live)”.

The same year Linus Jackson released his debut solo album “Said and done” (Album) where he was joined by 13 guest musicians such as Vindla String Quartet, Linnea Olsson, Conny Bloom (Electric Boys) and more.

His latest EP "I Want More” was released in Scandinavia on all platforms in September 2017 and worldwide in Sept 2018.

Cashbox Magazine caught up with Linus at his home in Sweden to talk about his future plans, his solo career and what brought him to the new sound.

“Although there were not a lot of musicians in the family (my Dad’s cousin Gunilla von Bahr was a flutist) I was surrounded by music all my life. I listened to all the Beatles songs as a kid. My parents also sang and influenced me by all the music they listened to as well. To this day they still perform in a choir.”

“When I was around 12 years old I heard Dave Brubeck’s “Take 5” and I was completely taken over by the drummer. I actually thought Brubeck was the drummer until later years when I discovered he was on the piano.” An interesting choice for a young boy but his diversified taste led to his own eclectic style.

Dervish The Great Irish Songbook

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! As one of the world’s most renowned and imaginative interpreters of Irish folk music, Dervish has devoted the last three decades to gently reinventing the traditional songs of their homeland. On their debut release for Rounder Records, the Sligo-based band join up with over a dozen luminaries across an eclectic range of genres.

Featuring guests Steve Earle, Rhiannon Giddens, Vince Gill, Brendan Gleeson, Jamey Johnson, Kate Rusby, The SteelDrivers, Abigail Washburn, and others, The Great Irish Songbook both preserves the spirit of each song and brings a new vitality to iconic traditional songs of their homeland.

Throughout The Great Irish Songbook, Dervish builds off the dynamic they’ve brought to their 13 previous albums and dazzling live performance: a kinetic union of technical brilliance and undeniable soul, endlessly fortified by their immense creativity. With the help of their guest artists, Dervish’s intricately sculpted sound expands and widens and takes on new textures, revealing the limitless possibilities within a single song. The result is an album that instantly transports you to a more charmed state of mind and—like all the most illuminating journeys—imparts a deeper understanding of what’s most essential in life.

Gangstagrass! A Sound All Their Own

March 1st NEW 2019.png

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Although the real break-through for Gangstagrass happened on July 8, 2010, Gangstagrass producer Rench and rapper T.O.N.E.Z were nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for "Long Hard Times to Come”, they initially formed in 2006 and have been evolving and changing ever since. The band's song "Long Hard Times to Come", was selected to be the opening theme song of the acclaimed television show Justified on FX in early 2010.

There is no distinct category or genre to put this band into; how do you define hip-hop/rap meets bluegrass. Truly a trailblazer, I had the opportunity to catch up with Rench, the producer as well as vocalist/guitarist in Gangstagrass at his home in New York.

“I was actually born in Oklahoma, and my Dad had a heavy influence on my early love of country and country/rock music. I grew up on Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Gram Parsons and so many more of those great singers. The swampy, bluegrass feel came from years of having that kind of music around me.”

The rappers and bluegrass players involved in performances have changed over time, coordinated by Rench in his role as producer and main contributor. Quite a huge list of artists who have come in and out of the Gangstagrass circle. How does that work with you coordinating it?

Lynx Talks Random Order

Lynx Feb. 22 2019.png

Submitted by Lenny Stoute
Photo Credits Alexandra Gelis

The thing about a lunch interview with Lynx, founder of Random Order, is that the eating part is played down in favour of flowing conversation. Full of ideas, plans, history, fun and the power of dancing, and somewhat obliquely, the legacy of Random Order. The latter is on the table as Lynx begins a new life as Random Order the solo performer. 

“It was a natural progression. From early on in the band’s life I’ve been writing all the albums and working in the studio. I’d started focusing on electronic production with the Random Order sound and working more on remixes. I thought about putting out new material as Lynx the solo act but Random Order has an established name and following.

The band started as a three-piece and snowballed into a sextet of subversive pop-rock. The signature sound evolved through many late nights of watching Twin Peaks, James Bond and Tarantino films, injecting more than a hint of subversiveness into the sexy soundscapes of dangerous spy movies. Lead vocalist and fearless leader Lynx started going solo in 2016, touring the world with award-winning film S&M Sally. (feat. Black Lipstick Kiss).

Peter Anderson Just In Time

February 15th 2019.png

Submitted by Don Graham

One of the things you can’t buy is experience, the only currency for that is time-in. Peter Anderson has the talent and drive and most certainly has the experience.

An active musician since the late 60’s, Peter Anderson’s songs are rich in honesty and uplifting messages. The Alabama-born California resident has his roots in country and rock ‘n’ roll and has just released a new album, ‘Just In Time’ just in time for the exciting new opportunities coming his way. With songs on this new CD certain to gain global airplay, Anderson is gearing up for some groundbreaking live performances.

Peter Anderson has been selected to participate in the inaugural Cashbox Canada singer/songwriter Showcase in Cannes, France at MIDEM this year. This new musical initiative at the annual gathering of music industry who’s who will give the singer/songwriter to reach a global audience. MIDEM was started in 1967 and is known as deal-making opportunity of the year, and an Official Showcase at MIDEM is certainly a groundbreaker for any artist.

Peter’s music is country flavoured with a touch of folk and is pleasing to the ear with simple yet effective production, handled by Anderson himself and recorded in Mountainview, California.

Canadian Rock Icon Kim Mitchell To Release Single “Diamonds Diamonds” Featuring Barenaked Ladies

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

ole label group is pleased to announce that Canadian rock legend Kim Mitchell will release a re-recorded version of the Max Webster hit, “Diamonds Diamonds”, featuring Barenaked Ladies on February 22, 2019. Produced by Greg Wells (Keith Urban, Twenty-One Pilots, Adele), the Max Webster gem co-written by Kim Mitchell and his writing partner Pye Dubois, marks Mitchell’s highly anticipated first solo release in six years.

“After hearing audiences sing this song louder than the band on many nights, we decided to give a nod to this classic without trying to make it a period piece. Simply, let's record it more as we play it now," said Kim Mitchell. "Working with Barenaked Ladies made the session more vibed and fun than we could have imagined. She STILL takes more whiskey than I wine!"

"My high school band played more than a dozen Kim Mitchell and Max Webster songs, so it was a real thrill to be asked to record this classic song with Kim," added Ed Robertson, Barenaked Ladies. "The session was relaxed and fun, and it made for a pretty serious 'pinch me moment'... see what I did there?!"

Tommy James Celebrates 50 Years of Crimson and Clover

February 1st 2019 Tommy James.png

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

On February 1, 1969, The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart was topped by an astonishing new sound From Pop band TOMMY JAMES AND THE SHONDELLS.


Many artists have and continue to cover his songs...PRINCE, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, BILLY IDOL, JOAN JETT, KELLY CLARKSON, DOLLY PARTON, CARLOS SANTANA, CHER, TOM JONES, and even THE BOSTON POPS. The music of Tommy James is heard in over 42 films to date, TV shows such as BREAKING BAD, CRIMINAL MINDS, THE SIMPSONS, THE GOLDBERGS and AQUARIUS have featured his music as well as numerous commercials.

TOMMY JAMES’ critically acclaimed autobiography, ME, THE MOB AND THE MUSIC is on ROLLING STONE'S Top 25 Best Music Memoirs List, and is now in production for a major motion picture with producer Barbara de Fina, whose credits include GOOD FELLAS, CASINO, CAPE FEAR, COLOR OF MONEY, AGE OF INNOCENCE And SILENCE.The Screenplay is written by MATTHEW STONE, whose credits include INTOLERABLE CRUELTY, MAN OF THE HOUSE and BIG TROUBLE.

The Spirit of John (Mann) a Benefit Concert for The Toronto Alzheimer’s Society

January 25th 2019.png

Submitted to Cashbox Canada

A few years ago, when Spirit of the West’s singer and main song co-writer John Mann was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s, a ripple went through the fairly close-knit Canadian music community. While it was clear that performing music would recede from John’s personal endeavors over time, his love of music has not diminished.

This concert is a benefit for the Toronto Alzheimer’s Association Music Project, which provides iPods free of charge to people living with dementia. Loaded with music from each patient’s “soundtrack”, they are able to listen to music connected to meaningful experiences over their life.

Listening to personalized music can be a powerful activity for those with dementia: music has the potential to increase physical and social activity; reignite older memories; and improve sleep, mood, cognition, communication, and overall quality of life.

Myles Goodwyn Lost and Found Memory Maker

January 18th 2019.png

Submitted by Don Graham

Imagine you lose something very near and dear to you. You’re told that the article has been destroyed. You go through all the stages of loss; grief, questioning what happened and finally acceptance that it’s gone, never to be seen again only to suddenly have it reappear some forty years later.

That’s exactly what happened to blues artist and founding member of April Wine, Myles Goodwyn.

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