Canadian Hip Hop Producer Myer Clarity Shares Melancholic Vibe for ““Love Me When I'm High”

Fri Dec 20, 2019

Toronto producer, hip hop artist, and singer/songwriter Myer Clarity has wasted no time re-introducing the world to his newly-minted melancholic persona, releasing his latest video for “Love Me When I'm High”.

The single is accompanied by a delicately sombre and intimately inviting cinematic showpiece that invites listeners to watch Myer’s decidedly lonely journey on his road to recovery following a decade of substance abuse.

“I wanted to create space for introversion and sobriety to be seen as mysterious and sexy,” he reflects on the recent release. “There aren’t really any records like that out there for people like me to relate to.

“I thought, I guess I’ll make some.”

Directed by Aaron Sambey and worked on alongside visual artist Sean Mundy, Myer and “Love Me When I'm High” delivers an all-encompassing experience as his raspy storytelling, dynamic genre-hopping, and authentic experience paints a haunting picture well exceeding 1,000 words.

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Fri Aug 16
Myer Clarity

Myer Clarity, 27, is a Toronto based multi-genre producer, songwriter and hip hop artist with 3 self-produced albums under his belt. His unique blend of hip hop, punk and jazz combined with his honest story-telling has gained him a dedicated fan base both at home and overseas. 

Born and raised in Montreal to a French-Canadian mother and a Jewish father, Myer expressed an interest in music early, at age 11. His neighbour Sagi, a member of local rap group NL5, brought Myer to his first recording studio at age 12, where he learned about audio production first hand. 

At 13, he studied piano and music theory under jazz legend Ernie Nelson. Sadly, Ernie passed away shortly after from natural causes, prompting Myer to compose a heartfelt piece to his teacher which he performed in honour of him at Concordia’s Music Hall. He went on to study jazz theory and piano for 4 more years with one of Ernie’s students.