Fri Mar 08, 2019

Suzi Kory has waited patiently for her time to come to live out her dream of performing under the bright lights and showing her talent to the world. And now the time has come. Born in Beirut Lebanon where the idea of being a performer was not looked upon in the brightest light she and her family relocated to Canada and she discovered the music Guns n Roses and was fascinated by frontman Axl Rose.

“Watching his raw and no inhibitions style and his charisma stirred something in me and it still does” Suzi decided to park her dream and raise a family and having now done that has reignited the spark. “ A few years ago I made the trip to Malibu and looked up where Axl Rose lived. I drove up there and there he was walking down the road in his sweats. I approached and he was amazing. We talked for a while, took a photo and we went our separate ways. But a part of me was so determined to pursue my dream after that encounter’” Her music doesn’t sound like Axl Rose but his determination and showmanship is evident when you see a Suzi Kory show

Suzi has recorded her latest release with guitarist Brent Woods who is known for his work with Sebastian Bach, Vince Neil, John Waite and KISS, and the release marks a change in direction for the singer/songwriter. Her first release was more rock-oriented but as an artist grows they slip into the music that defines them.“My photographer and friend, Igor Vidyashev, introduced me to Brent. I had come to admire his work, valued his advice and respected his work ethic so it came time to start writing and recording again, it was a clear decision to work with him. During the two weeks I spent in LA, Brent continuously challenged me in trying to find my sound. It was during this period of musical self-discovery that we realized the album was organically heading in the direction of country. Initially, I wanted to write a rock album, but my songwriting naturally progressed towards a more country flavoured sound. Both Brent and I agreed this was a more genuine sound and showcased softer, more vulnerable, vocals suited to the style of music we were writing. “

The first single “The Secret Garden” was released this past fall, accompanied by a music video recently shot in Malibu. The follow-up single/video, “Pretty Little Things,” was released Jan. 18, and was also shot in L.A. at Will Rogers Beach and in a rehearsal facility.

“’Pretty Little Things’ is the story of growing up with a dream, only to have life take you down a completely different road,” says Suzi. “It’s also about the beautiful things we discover in life when we find our way back and have the courage to follow that dream.”

Suzi’s live show have included opening for LA Guns and LA at the legendary Whiskey a Go-Go. Her songs received airplay across Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, UK, the Middle East, Brazil and New Zealand.

She has performed globally around the world including Brasilia, Brazil where she was the only Canadian artist, and one of three international acts, performing at Festival CoMA. There she caught the attention of Indie Week founder and fellow Canadian DaryllHurs, who invited her to showcase during Indie Week back in Toronto.

Suzi Kory is a name you will hear a lot of in days to come, she is a force to be reckoned with and more than just a “pretty little thing.”

“She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them.”