SELINA MARTIN: Disaster Fantasies



This third album from one of the T.Dot’s more versatile young singer/songwriters takes a decided turn for the hard rockin’. Judging by the audience reaction at The Garrison for its coming out party, the turn is well worth the taking.

This feisty art rocker been simmering under for two album and on this third one, has busted wide open, kicking down the genre walls on the way out. Cute as a bullet and with the requisite pedigree, having worked with Rheostatics alumni Dave Bidini, Michael Phillip Wojewoda and Martin Toelli, Martin always assembles spit hot players for her projects.

Disaster Fantasies is no exception; the lineup includes long-time collaborator Doug Friesen (bass), Josh Van Tassel (drums), Chris Stringer (bass), Martin Toelli (Guitars) and another long-time collaborator, Annelise Noronha (lead accordion, guitars).

Mash ‘em all together with en eye for lyric detail and an ear for making it stick and it’s like Joni Mitchell and Annie Lennox hooking up for sour mash martinis.

And beats there a heart so cold that can’t love the indie gal covering a Rush tune?. Coming on with a jazzy, finger poppin’ take, she delivers “The Spirit Of Radio’ just this side of a nod and a wink. With ‘Rape During Wartime’ the Talking Heads essence is obvious and Martin wears it well.
If this feels like a watershed album, that’s because it is and the lady’s aware. The material is fresh enough that live, Martin communicates the crackling thrill of the new. As she notes modestly on her site: ‘This album is my most accessible and hard rocking to date.’ but buddy Dave Bidini raises the bar;” Really, I think it's a classic record, one that she seems somehow born to have made."

Highlights will depend on the mood you’re in but the hook, line and sinkers for me so far are “Breathe In’, ‘The Hottest day’ and a creeper called ‘News Of Her Death’ that’ll make you shiver on the hottest day.

Lenny Stoute