October Sky win on Quebec's most popular TV show “Zéro à 1000$, L'échelle du talent" on V Tele in front of 250,000 Viewers

October Sky

Montreal- October Sky have done it again, conquering all competitors to win $1,000 in front of 250,000 plus television viewers on one of Quebec's most popular TV shows "Zéro à 1000$, L'échelle du talent" on V Tele.

The quartet's last competitive win was in September 2009 where they took the Canadian title at the Global Battle of The Bands and opened for Alexisonfire and Bad Religion followed by a performance at the international finals in the London, UK in May 2010.
Commenting on their V Tele experience is October Sky's keyboardist Yan Rouleau.

"We're really honored to have won and to be seen by our hometown province of Quebec. It's just "Incredible". We're really looking forward to playing some upcoming shows and heading over to Europe to promote our latest release "Green & Beautiful". The tour dates for France are set to kick off November 24th in Paris and end in Nantes on December 3rd.

"The last few months have been incredible, this will be our second time to Europe and our first time to France. We're really looking forward to performing our new release for them." commented vocalist / guitarist, Karl Raymond.

October Sky’s third release, “Green & Beautiful” was produced by Brian Moncarz (Moneeen, The Junction, Silverstein) and is the follow-up to the band’s highly celebrated 2008 album, "Hell Isn't My Home."
October Sky - Green & Beautiful Promo Tour Video:

Beauty and the Beast The Savagely Silly Family Musical

B&B Poster Image.jpg

Ross Petty Presents:

Beauty and the Beast

The Savagely Silly Family Musical 

November 25, 2010- January 2, 2011

Elgin Theatre

FACTOR Announces New President

Factor Logo

11/08/2010 - Toronto, ON - FACTOR is pleased to announce that Duncan McKie will assume the role of President of the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR) effective December 13, 2010. Duncan replaces Heather Ostertag who retired from her position in June of 2010. Mr. McKie has been the President/CEO of The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) since June 2007.

"After conducting a lengthy national search that identified several qualified candidates we have decided that Duncan McKie is the strongest candidate for the new president of FACTOR. The FACTOR Board is confident in Duncan's experience and his visions for the independent Canadian music industry. The FACTOR Board looks forward to his contributions to FACTOR and welcome him to the team." Pegi Cecconi, FACTOR Chair

"The Canadian funding system for music is admired around the world. FACTOR has been an integral part of that unique public and private partnership for over 30 years. The FACTOR Board has entrusted me with the responsibility to build on that legacy and to develop FACTOR's programs for the digital era. I look forward to the challenge and working with the FACTOR team." Duncan McKie.


Jim Clench

Jim Clench, a Montreal bass player and vocalist who played with April Wine and Bachman Turner Overdrive, has died. He was 61. 

Clench died Tuesday in a Montreal hospital after a battle with lung cancer, according to April Wine's Brian Greenway.

Clench was with April Wine, the Montreal band known for hits such as You Could Have Been a Lady and The Whole World's Goin' Crazy from 1970 to 1975, then rejoined as the band underwent a resurgence from 1992 to 2007.

He was with BTO from 1977 until the band's breakup in 1979.

His musical career began with a band called the Coven, before he joined April Wine.

Clench played bass on four April Wine albums — 1971's April Wine, 1972's On Record, 1973's Electric Jewels and 1975's Stand Back.

He also took over lead vocals from Myles Goodwyn on songs such as Weeping Widow and Oowatanite, a song he wrote. His growling voice was a distinctive element for the band.

He left to join another band with Greenway, who eventually joined April Wine as a permanent member after that other group failed to get a recording contract.

Clench then played with BTO, taking over bass and sharing lead vocal duties with Fred Turner in the period after Randy Bachman left the group.


Jason Bonham

Here’s one show and venue where the massive sound needed to appreciate the act will be guaranteed. We’re talking JASON BONHAM’S LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE at Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts tonight (Oct.29). The sound comes courtesy of Sony’ s Surround Sound Wall, a vital component of the joint’s recent renovations.


The unique idea for this road show is to recreate the Led Zeppelin experience as recalled by Jason Bonham, son of the LZ’s stickman John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham, and a solid drummer in his own right. This shades it just a tad more emotional than your usual tribute show and young Bonham takes his pedigree seriously. Over the space of two plus hours, Bonham and a band made up of guitarist Tony Catania, vocalist James Dylan, bassist Michael Devin and keyboardist/pedal-steel guitarist Stephen LeBlanc do an impressive job of recreating the Led Zep mojo.


PHOTO AT RIGHT:Jason Bonham on the job.



Vancouver folk metallers Scythia are on the road pushing their debut album “…Of War”, rocking the nation from West to East and back again. The word is good wherever they appear and their move to release the album online with a ‘Pay What You Want’ program is diong good things for sales as well as street cred.


"We strongly believe that everyone has their value of music, so we are trying something different with our fans. We want them to feel strongly about their purchase of our music. So for the release of our album, when they purchase it online they can pay what they want for it and what they feel is a fair purchase and what it's worth to them." comments vocalist / guitarist Dave Khan.

Scythia blend epic Conanesque storytelling with modern progressive metal to turn up something with links to early metal fantasy acts like Thor and Iron Maiden. Produced by Shaun Thingyold (Fear Factory, Darkest Hour) ‘…Of War’ delivers equal parts headbanging glory and introspective, bong-friendly passages.  

You can Pay What You Want for ‘…Of War’ at and check the band live at the gigs below.

 “Exiled Across Canada" Tour Dates

Sam Orbison

Sam Orbison


Sam Orbison, the last remaining Orbison brother, has passed away. Known for continuing to keep his brother, Roy Orbison’s musical legacy alive, The Roy Orbison Story chronicled the life and times of this classic figure in music, telling the story of  Roy’s birth in Texas to his death in 1988, and was told by his brother Sam, who travelled with Roy as his business manager for many years. The songs were performed by Bernie Jessome with a full band, and tells the tragedies and triumphs, while Jessome eerily looked and sounded just like Roy. 

Cashbox Canada spoke to Bernie Jessome, a Canadian native,  who was mentored by Sam to capture the essence of both the vocals and stage presence that the man with sunglasses made famous.

Jessome had this to say:

Saludos de los Dos Mundos!

Dos Mundos

A quick note to all the Dos Mundos people making sure you all know about two very important happenings that are happenin'!


It's that time mi pueblo - tiempo to dig deep and show Dos Mundos Radio you really do appreciate and respect all the trabajo that our team puts into making this show FRESH and completely UNIQUE!

Dos Mundos Radio has been on the air for 3 years. That's 3 years of amigos, 3 years of familia, 3 years of colleagues and fans that we've been able to connect with through the show!

CIUT is a non-profit, volunteer-run, community focused radio station. A show like Dos Mundos no puede existir anywhere else - if it wasn't for CIUT.

We've already had a few pre-pledges but we need more! Our goal is 20 pledges of $25 or more ~ solo 20! POR FAVOR click on the link, donate and share with a friend:

You can donate via pay-pal and credit card via the website - if you'd like to make cash or cheque donations:

please tune into Dos Mundos Radio on CIUT 89.5FM between 6pm and 8pm EST on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19, 2010 and call in your donation!

Everyone who makes a pledge has their name entered into a draw for the Dos Mundos Radio Prize Pack - one draw each hour!

Now get up for the second event



Day2 Déjà Vu

Neogrunge trio Day 2 Deja Vu are showing off their funny side with a hilarious teen-themed video for 'Lay You Down', already putting up numbers on YouTube.The tune's off their recent debut album, Lady Liberty, and follows on the heels of the first single 'The Sight".

Recently inked to the T.Dot's EMG, the buzzed-about band is gearing up for a major fall push, including a return bout in Toronto, where their Mod Club gig was a wild and woolly thing and the boys pulled many babes.

This just in, ‘Lay You Down’ is now scoring medium rotation at Much Music and the signs say it’s got nowhere to go but up.

Cashbox Canada


Depeche Mode

Here’s one for techno geeks, synth freaks and folks deep into the Eighties revival. Last time we looked, period veterans Depeche Mode were still out there on the tour bus somewhere but this hasn't stopped a former member Alan Wilder from getting his pale ass outa the studio and back on the road.


Nostalgia aside, this pairing does have its musical attractions as Paul Kendall is a towering figure in the UK ambient/experimental electro scene, even fronting his own label, The Parallel Series, solely to bring deep electornica to the people. Just watching Wilder try to keep up with the man known variously as PK and Piquet could be worth the coin you drop. It all comes down at Toronto’s The Opera House Oct.27.

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