Sam Orbison

Sam Orbison


Sam Orbison, the last remaining Orbison brother, has passed away. Known for continuing to keep his brother, Roy Orbison’s musical legacy alive, The Roy Orbison Story chronicled the life and times of this classic figure in music, telling the story of  Roy’s birth in Texas to his death in 1988, and was told by his brother Sam, who travelled with Roy as his business manager for many years. The songs were performed by Bernie Jessome with a full band, and tells the tragedies and triumphs, while Jessome eerily looked and sounded just like Roy. 

Cashbox Canada spoke to Bernie Jessome, a Canadian native,  who was mentored by Sam to capture the essence of both the vocals and stage presence that the man with sunglasses made famous.

Jessome had this to say:

Saludos de los Dos Mundos!

Dos Mundos

A quick note to all the Dos Mundos people making sure you all know about two very important happenings that are happenin'!


It's that time mi pueblo - tiempo to dig deep and show Dos Mundos Radio you really do appreciate and respect all the trabajo that our team puts into making this show FRESH and completely UNIQUE!

Dos Mundos Radio has been on the air for 3 years. That's 3 years of amigos, 3 years of familia, 3 years of colleagues and fans that we've been able to connect with through the show!

CIUT is a non-profit, volunteer-run, community focused radio station. A show like Dos Mundos no puede existir anywhere else - if it wasn't for CIUT.

We've already had a few pre-pledges but we need more! Our goal is 20 pledges of $25 or more ~ solo 20! POR FAVOR click on the link, donate and share with a friend:

You can donate via pay-pal and credit card via the website - if you'd like to make cash or cheque donations:

please tune into Dos Mundos Radio on CIUT 89.5FM between 6pm and 8pm EST on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19, 2010 and call in your donation!

Everyone who makes a pledge has their name entered into a draw for the Dos Mundos Radio Prize Pack - one draw each hour!

Now get up for the second event



Day2 Déjà Vu

Neogrunge trio Day 2 Deja Vu are showing off their funny side with a hilarious teen-themed video for 'Lay You Down', already putting up numbers on YouTube.The tune's off their recent debut album, Lady Liberty, and follows on the heels of the first single 'The Sight".

Recently inked to the T.Dot's EMG, the buzzed-about band is gearing up for a major fall push, including a return bout in Toronto, where their Mod Club gig was a wild and woolly thing and the boys pulled many babes.

This just in, ‘Lay You Down’ is now scoring medium rotation at Much Music and the signs say it’s got nowhere to go but up.

Cashbox Canada


Depeche Mode

Here’s one for techno geeks, synth freaks and folks deep into the Eighties revival. Last time we looked, period veterans Depeche Mode were still out there on the tour bus somewhere but this hasn't stopped a former member Alan Wilder from getting his pale ass outa the studio and back on the road.


Nostalgia aside, this pairing does have its musical attractions as Paul Kendall is a towering figure in the UK ambient/experimental electro scene, even fronting his own label, The Parallel Series, solely to bring deep electornica to the people. Just watching Wilder try to keep up with the man known variously as PK and Piquet could be worth the coin you drop. It all comes down at Toronto’s The Opera House Oct.27.


Blankfest founders The Bahgdaddios

Here’s a charitable event well worth your time and energy,’specially if you like your rock hard’n’heavy and are in possession of any sort of social consciousness. . Folks in the T.Dot know temperatures can get downright gnarly sometimes as early as October. Toronto’s winter months are known for having temperatures well below zero and those who are homeless run the risk of frostbite and possible death due to overexposure.

As well, the numbers of young people living on the streets continue to rise. The economic recovery hasn’t hit the pavement yet. The latest figure is 27% of Toronto’s homeless are under the age of 25 and they’re living in the shadow of a government looking to slash social benefits further.

Photo:Blankfest founders The Bahgdaddios

Which is where DIY projects like Blankfest prove their worth. Blankfest Toronto's primary goal is to collect blankets, socks, underwear and non-perishable food for the homeless in Toronto.Blankfest Toronto aims to aid those who are less fortunate and keep the homeless warm while living on the streets.

The Blankfest project was founded by New York City indie rock veteran Kenn Rowell of The Baghdaddios, in 1997 and has been an ongoing annual blanket fundraiser in New York City ever since

Bob Mersereau’s The Top 100 Canadian Singles

Top 100 Canadian Singles

The title alone of this book lets you know this is no small undertaking. This is not the top singles of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and all the subsequent decades, but rather The Top 100 Canadian Singles! EVER! Tough one!

But as the liner notes say this book is “destined to spark debate about Canadian Music.” Of course, to state the obvious, all lists are subjective and quite honestly create more debate over the omissions than the actual songs chosen. To help ensure some accuracy and credibility author Bob Mersereau, a veteran music columnist and CBC Arts reporter, assembled a great cross section of members of Canada’s Who’s Who, all of whom cast their votes in a nationwide poll.

The Guess Who topped the list at # 1 of 100, with their classic song “American Woman” and the top ten included the likes of Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Steppenwolf and Leonard Cohen. I won’t spoil the experience of reading this book by giving away any more of the list. Go buy it and enjoy the discoveries on your own.

To offset the list, singers, songwriters and artists gave their own picks, in some cases completely different from the “official” list. Folks like Sass Jordan, Moe Berg and even Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys gave their opinions and reasons why they chose the songs they did.

Another nice touch and homage to our musical cultures is the section dedicated to French Canadian music hits, deftly put together by Eric Trudel. And to show they were paying attention, Quebec legend Robert Charlebois made it onto the “official” Top 100 with his hit “Lindbergh”.

British launch for Quebec Recording Artists Mosquito-B

Mosquito B

by Kathy Hahn

October 4, 2010 - Toronto: Quebec recording artists Mosquito-B launched their new EP, “Killing Mars” in England on Friday October 1. The 10” vinyl edition pressed in London introduces six tracks from the band which will be included in the complete album to be released in early 2011. The full album will feature more than 15 songs.  

 This is the second British tour for Mosquito-B in the past six months, following tour dates anchored by shows in Nashville, Burlington, Cleveland in the USA, and Niagara and Toronto in 2009.

Mosquito-B kicked off their British tour with their record launch and showcase at The Hobbit - Southhampton (Oct 1) and will perform at Woodmead Halls in  Lyme Regis (Oct. 2), London (Oct. 6, 9)  and Mr. Kyps in Poole (Oct. 10).

The highlight for the tour is the special invitation to participate in the festivities celebrating John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Mosquito-B have been asked to join a stellar lineup of artists from England and Russia, amongst others.

Mosquito-B will participate in a full slate of John Lennon birthday festivities including a ‘Bed In’ in Bournemouth and a ‘Love In’ on Abbey Road. Mosquito-B’s Dan Louis notes, “Last May, following our trip to Lyme Regis, we received an extraordinary offer by a London promoter who adored our show when we opened for Bristol’s own Stackridge (formerly known as the Korgis). The audience had demanded an encore, which we are told is very rare for an opening band.”

The New Album – “KILLING MARS”

“Get Invited” Does Events With Gusto!

All Aboard

by Bill Delingat

Fall has just arrived with the first ‘Full Harvest Moon” in over 20 years; this tops off a record breaking heatwave that occurred across Canada and a summer with lots of events and excitement for locals and tourists alike in Toronto, Ontario.

One of the jewels of our city is our Harbourfront, the Islands and the boating, from sailboats, tall ships to the ever popular day tours: Toronto has them all.

One of the most popular is the Mariposa Cruises, the jewels of our harbourfront. Mariposa Cruises (Lines) was incorporated in 1987,with the purchase of The Mariposa Belle, adding it to the beginning fleet of The Rosemary. Canadian owned and operated, Mariposa Cruises next acquired the spectacular Captain Matthew Flinders and sailed her from Australia to Toronto in 1989. In the early 90’s- The Showboat,Tthe Northern Spirit and The Oriole were all added to Mariposa’s current fleet of six uniquely styled and well maintained vessels. Stability, quality, customer service and excellence are the foundations of Mariposa Cruises - the leader in the hospitality cruise industry.

When it comes to parties or events on the water “Get Invited” an online event planner is # 1 on the “high seas”. This year “Get Invited” celebrated it’s 46th cruise with Mariposa Cruises, holding a record of over the past 20 years with a June and an August party cruise.

Joel Gusto and DJ MarioJoel Gusto and DJ Mario


Orbyt Media

Orbyt Media Partners with The Donkey Comedy Network for Affiliate and Ad Sales of 24/7 Comedy Radio in Canada

Leading Radio Syndicator Nabs First Short-Attention-Span, Hit-Driven All-Comedy Radio Format for the Masses

(TORONTO, September 29, 2010) – Canada’s first short-attention-span, hit-oriented, mass-appeal all-comedy radio format is now available for syndication across the country with the new exclusive partnership of Orbyt Media and The Donkey Comedy Network (DCN) for affiliate and ad sales in Canada of 24/7 Comedy Radio.

The announcement comes on the heels of the first U.S. affiliation between Canada’s leading syndicator of premiere radio programming and Clear Channel’s KFNY, and extends distribution of 24/7 Comedy Radio to America’s comedy-loving Northern neighbours.

“24/7 Comedy Radio is a unique addition to Orbyt’s library of compelling radio brands for the Canadian market,” says Lesley Soldat, General Manager of Orbyt Media. “The content is pitch
perfect funny and the Top-40-inspired presentation is unlike any other comedy product on radio. “ We believe Donkey Comedy will do for radio what The Comedy Network has done for TV.”

Canadian Veteran Agent Dave Kirby Leaves a Legacy

Dave Kirby

Music Business Industry veterans will remember the outspoken and aggressive Dave Kirby from his early days as an agent in Toronto, Canada. Kirby, agent extraordinaire, and most recently chairman and founder of the Kirby Organization (TKO) passed away on September 18, at his home in Manhattan Beach, California. Kirby fought and lost a two year battle with prostrate cancer. He was 56 years old. Kirby was well-known at The Agency Group, but left it to launch his own company, TKO, in 2005. TKO has since became one of the top independent agencies in the music industry, specializing in the hard rock scene with acts such as Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Motorhead, Anthrax, The Cult, The Doors, Ray Manzarek, Robbie Kreiger and Hank Ill. Kirby was a serious advocate of using touring as a primary tool for artist development. Dave Kirby is survived by his sons David and Alex, and will be missed deeply by his wife Christine. The family has asked in lieu of flowers that donations be made in Dave Kirby’s name to The Prostrate Cancer Foundation. At the present time there is a memorial being planned for late October.

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