Jason Bonham

Here’s one show and venue where the massive sound needed to appreciate the act will be guaranteed. We’re talking JASON BONHAM’S LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE at Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts tonight (Oct.29). The sound comes courtesy of Sony’ s Surround Sound Wall, a vital component of the joint’s recent renovations.


The unique idea for this road show is to recreate the Led Zeppelin experience as recalled by Jason Bonham, son of the LZ’s stickman John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham, and a solid drummer in his own right. This shades it just a tad more emotional than your usual tribute show and young Bonham takes his pedigree seriously. Over the space of two plus hours, Bonham and a band made up of guitarist Tony Catania, vocalist James Dylan, bassist Michael Devin and keyboardist/pedal-steel guitarist Stephen LeBlanc do an impressive job of recreating the Led Zep mojo.


PHOTO AT RIGHT:Jason Bonham on the job.



Vancouver folk metallers Scythia are on the road pushing their debut album “…Of War”, rocking the nation from West to East and back again. The word is good wherever they appear and their move to release the album online with a ‘Pay What You Want’ program is diong good things for sales as well as street cred.


"We strongly believe that everyone has their value of music, so we are trying something different with our fans. We want them to feel strongly about their purchase of our music. So for the release of our album, when they purchase it online they can pay what they want for it and what they feel is a fair purchase and what it's worth to them." comments vocalist / guitarist Dave Khan.

Scythia blend epic Conanesque storytelling with modern progressive metal to turn up something with links to early metal fantasy acts like Thor and Iron Maiden. Produced by Shaun Thingyold (Fear Factory, Darkest Hour) ‘…Of War’ delivers equal parts headbanging glory and introspective, bong-friendly passages.  

You can Pay What You Want for ‘…Of War’ at and check the band live at the gigs below.

 “Exiled Across Canada" Tour Dates

Saludos de los Dos Mundos!

Dos Mundos

A quick note to all the Dos Mundos people making sure you all know about two very important happenings that are happenin'!


It's that time mi pueblo - tiempo to dig deep and show Dos Mundos Radio you really do appreciate and respect all the trabajo that our team puts into making this show FRESH and completely UNIQUE!

Dos Mundos Radio has been on the air for 3 years. That's 3 years of amigos, 3 years of familia, 3 years of colleagues and fans that we've been able to connect with through the show!

CIUT is a non-profit, volunteer-run, community focused radio station. A show like Dos Mundos no puede existir anywhere else - if it wasn't for CIUT.

We've already had a few pre-pledges but we need more! Our goal is 20 pledges of $25 or more ~ solo 20! POR FAVOR click on the link, donate and share with a friend:

You can donate via pay-pal and credit card via the website - if you'd like to make cash or cheque donations:

please tune into Dos Mundos Radio on CIUT 89.5FM between 6pm and 8pm EST on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19, 2010 and call in your donation!

Everyone who makes a pledge has their name entered into a draw for the Dos Mundos Radio Prize Pack - one draw each hour!

Now get up for the second event



Depeche Mode

Here’s one for techno geeks, synth freaks and folks deep into the Eighties revival. Last time we looked, period veterans Depeche Mode were still out there on the tour bus somewhere but this hasn't stopped a former member Alan Wilder from getting his pale ass outa the studio and back on the road.


Nostalgia aside, this pairing does have its musical attractions as Paul Kendall is a towering figure in the UK ambient/experimental electro scene, even fronting his own label, The Parallel Series, solely to bring deep electornica to the people. Just watching Wilder try to keep up with the man known variously as PK and Piquet could be worth the coin you drop. It all comes down at Toronto’s The Opera House Oct.27.


Blankfest founders The Bahgdaddios

Here’s a charitable event well worth your time and energy,’specially if you like your rock hard’n’heavy and are in possession of any sort of social consciousness. . Folks in the T.Dot know temperatures can get downright gnarly sometimes as early as October. Toronto’s winter months are known for having temperatures well below zero and those who are homeless run the risk of frostbite and possible death due to overexposure.

As well, the numbers of young people living on the streets continue to rise. The economic recovery hasn’t hit the pavement yet. The latest figure is 27% of Toronto’s homeless are under the age of 25 and they’re living in the shadow of a government looking to slash social benefits further.

Photo:Blankfest founders The Bahgdaddios

Which is where DIY projects like Blankfest prove their worth. Blankfest Toronto's primary goal is to collect blankets, socks, underwear and non-perishable food for the homeless in Toronto.Blankfest Toronto aims to aid those who are less fortunate and keep the homeless warm while living on the streets.

The Blankfest project was founded by New York City indie rock veteran Kenn Rowell of The Baghdaddios, in 1997 and has been an ongoing annual blanket fundraiser in New York City ever since

“Get Invited” Does Events With Gusto!

All Aboard

by Bill Delingat

Fall has just arrived with the first ‘Full Harvest Moon” in over 20 years; this tops off a record breaking heatwave that occurred across Canada and a summer with lots of events and excitement for locals and tourists alike in Toronto, Ontario.

One of the jewels of our city is our Harbourfront, the Islands and the boating, from sailboats, tall ships to the ever popular day tours: Toronto has them all.

One of the most popular is the Mariposa Cruises, the jewels of our harbourfront. Mariposa Cruises (Lines) was incorporated in 1987,with the purchase of The Mariposa Belle, adding it to the beginning fleet of The Rosemary. Canadian owned and operated, Mariposa Cruises next acquired the spectacular Captain Matthew Flinders and sailed her from Australia to Toronto in 1989. In the early 90’s- The Showboat,Tthe Northern Spirit and The Oriole were all added to Mariposa’s current fleet of six uniquely styled and well maintained vessels. Stability, quality, customer service and excellence are the foundations of Mariposa Cruises - the leader in the hospitality cruise industry.

When it comes to parties or events on the water “Get Invited” an online event planner is # 1 on the “high seas”. This year “Get Invited” celebrated it’s 46th cruise with Mariposa Cruises, holding a record of over the past 20 years with a June and an August party cruise.

Joel Gusto and DJ MarioJoel Gusto and DJ Mario

The Return / El Regreso of FUNKÉTÉ!

Saludos de los Dos Mundos Logo

Saludos de los Dos Mundos!

We know it's been a long time, and many of you already know why. We have a new space online where you can find all of our playlists, podcast links, write-ups, pics and free mp3 downloads! ~ please check it out, subscribe and instead of getting a big ass email with all sorts of links and images - you'll get an alert and a link to go check out the new posts and get your Dos Mundos Radio fix.!

Slowly, we're phasing out the email and hoping to only send you an email when we have BIG news. For example:

The Return / El Regreso of FUNKÉTÉ!

We've had a lot of people out there asking y preguntando y jodiendo with the same question: "Cuando va ser el proximo Funkété?!" Well we got your answer right hurrrrrrrr:

Dos Mundos Radio Presents:
Saturday, September 25, 2010
Teranga Bar - 159 Augusta Ave.

Uladat (Toronto/¡Borracho!)
No Lo Ves (Toronto/Colombia)

and your resident DJs
ESTILO BAKANCHIDO (Dos Mundos Radio/Mas Tigre)

Cumbia ~ Dancehall ~ Reggaeton ~ Tribal ~ Mambo Violento ~ Moombahton ~ Baile Funk ~ Raverton
Join us on the third Saturday of every month at Teranga Bar for FUNKÉTÉ and all our upcoming special guests!

Cirque du Soleil: Banana Spheel

Cirque de Soleil Banana Spheel image

Story Don Graham
Photos Dominique Lemieux/Cirque de Soleil

I have to start by admitting that when I was first presented with this task I was not sure what to expect. I knew the show had trouble in Chicago, got revamped for New York, where the reception and reviews were much better, and here it was at the Canon Theatre in downtown Toronto. Cirque and vaudeville? Seemed like strange bedfellows so I was interested to see what the result would be.

While standing in the crowd waiting to be let into the theatre, there was a commotion behind us as a gentleman was pushing his way through the crowd yelling something about needing the washroom. He REALLY seemed liked he had go, but once he got to the front of the room he turned and flashed a big grin and we knew he was part of the show. Turned out he was Claudio Carneiro, a big part on the ensemble. But more on him later.

The opening dialogue between the two hosts, well-played by the aggressive Daniel Passer and the hard-done by, Wayne Wilson sets the stage for the evening ahead. Lots of sight gags and slapstick humour. And the stage is set as well, for The Schmelky Spectacular, the role of the hardnosed arrogant boss, Schmeckly, excellently played by Danny Rutigliano. His assistant Margaret played by Shereen Hickman, has great comedic timing and offsets Schmelky’s brashness.

"Experience Hendrix" Coming To Canada

Experience Hendrix

Coming to Canada for the first time…

Thursday, October 28th - 8 p.m. at the Sony Centre, Toronto


Billy Cox (Band of Gypsys & The Jimi Hendrix Experience) ● Steve Vai ● Jonny Lang ● Kenny Wayne Shepherd ● Eric Johnson ● Robert Randolph ● Living Colour ● Ernie Isley • Chris Layton (of Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble) ● David Hidalgo & Cesar Rosas (of Los Lobos) • The Slide Brothers (a/k/a Chuck & Darick Campbell of Sacred Steel) ● Mato (of Indigenous)

For the first time in its history, Experience Hendrix, the concert tour that has dazzled sold out audiences, revisiting the music and inspiration of Jimi Hendrix with an all-star line up of music greats, will perform, for the first time, in Canada… Four dates have been announced: October 28th at the Sony Centre in Toronto, 29th in Quebec City (Grand Théâtre), 30th in Montreal (Place des Arts) and November 1st in Ottawa (National Arts Centre).

Tickets: $89.50, $74.50, $59.50 (taxes included plus facility fee and service charge where applicable) at the Sony Centre, 1 Front St. E., Toronto and Ticketmaster at (416) 872-2262 or at


For further information, contact: Rob Bennett ● RBI Productions (416) 686-6052


Bring On The Ukes, Bring On The Fun-New indie doc focuses on the wonderful world of the ukulele

The Mighty Uke

By Bill Delingat

Just when someone’s about to ask:” Whatever happened to Topp?” dude pops back onto the radar. Gary Topp aka T Dog, Topper or just plain Gary has been well known in the International Music and entertainment scene for 40 years. Currently, he’s best known for his bleeding edge
CIUT radio Show and promoter of some of the most eclectic shows the T.Dot’s ever seen.

An avid filmgoer and indie supporter Topp is bringing a unique opportunity for freaky fun to the Toronto Film scene with the presentation of “Mighty Uke. The Amazing Comeback Of A Musical Underdog”.

Think of a ukulele and you probably imagine grass skirts, slide guitar and kitschy lyrics, but far from being just a Hawaiian novelty instrument, the uke has a rich history and has profoundly affected music around the world. Originally brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants, the tiny instrument first captured the musical imaginations of the Hawaiian royal court in the 1880’s. With the dawn of the radio broadcasting age, ukulele music owned the airwaves. Broadway produced ukulele musicals. Hollywood produced ukulele movie stars. The little instrument was so inexpensive and easy to play that by the early twenties the uke was the most popular instrument in the American home and the first musical voice for millions of children. Over the next thirty years the uke was number one, and then, with the rise of rock and roll guitar, faded into nerdy obscurity. Until now.

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