Taylor Swift Sued By Failed Ottawa Capital Hoedown

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Country superstar Taylor Swift was booked to headline the much publicized Capital Hoedown in Ottawa last August 2012. Swift was advanced 2.5 million dollars but the event was cancelled. Swift did not return the funds. Oddly it’s not the promoter who is suing but the ticket company FIRE which could be held responsible for refunding some $1.8 million to fans who purchased tickets. It's actually a bit more complicated than that as a credit card company, Evo Merchant Services, was forced to refund the money and have sued FIRE for it, who in turn are trying to get the money returned from Swift.

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftIt hasn’t been made clear exactly who paid Swift the $2.5 million dollars, the producer of the cancelled event, Denis Benoit, or FIRE, or both. In the meantime Taylor Swift's representatives say they haven’t seen the lawsuit and that they made no arrangement with the ticket company.

What does appear to be clear is Swift does not intend to pay back any of the money. Taylor pulls a swift one?

Taylor Swift has written songs about her failed relationships in the past but I don’t think she’s written about being sued before. Keep your ears open it might be another ‘Blame Canada’ brewing!

UK Rock Rap Electro Trio Elephant 12 at Horseshoe in TO

Elephant 12.jpg

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UK rock rap electro trio Elephant 12 are ready to take North America by storm as they debut in Toronto, Ontario February 26th at the Horseshoe Tavern, then it’s onto New York followed by Austin, TX on March 8th during SXSW. With an invite to showcase at Canadian Music Week, which follows SXSW, it looks like the ride will continue throughout 2013. With an unapologetic punk rock attitude, Elephant 12 delivers hard hitting guitar riffs, experimental programming and catchy lyrics that have East London's underground scene buzzing. 

UK meets Canada with this trio consisting of vocalist Jerome from Toronto, guitarist Robbie and programmer Manlio from England. The latest single "Renegade" follows up the sing-along anthems of "Diet Coke," "Holiday" and "Shut Up." 

"Renegade" speaks on loosing individualism in a society that scope what's normal," Jerome explains, "if your opinions or expressions don't fit the cookie cutter then you're deemed as an outcast." The song transcends all that by blending jazz, rock, and lo-fi electro to convey its message. ""Renegade" is a song to jump to, party to, and spread a message, that it is cool to be outside the box and be that outcast...Renegade not against authority just MisUnderstood."

Tour Dates:
February 26 - Toronto, Ontario @ Horseshoe Tavern, Tuesday New Music Nite
February tbc - New York, NY
March 8 - Austin, Texas @ SXSW
March 19-24 - @ Canadian Music Fest
Media Inquiries Contact:
Skylar Entertainment email:

The Good Brothers at Hugh’s Room Toronto for Valentine’s Day

The Good Brothers.jpg

Submitted by Jane Harbury Publicity

The Good Brothers have gained a worldwide audience over the course of their accomplished career. It all started when twins Bruce and Brian Good formed a folk group with Marty Steiger and Bruce’s soon to be wife Margaret Queen. They were known as The Kinfolk and performed at folk clubs and coffeehouses in the mid to late 60′s.

In 1970 Bruce and Brian met James Ackroyd and formed a band simply called James and The Good Brothers. Their first show was at Maple Leaf Gardens with Grand Funk Railroad. Then came the cross Canada tour on the outrageous Festival Express with such bands as The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Ian & Sylvia and The Band just to name a few. With a little help from friends The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, they recorded their first album on Columbia records. What excitement – the gigs at San Francisco’s famed Fillmore West, the nights at L.A.’s Troubadour with John Hammond and Tracey Nelson, the shows in Northern California with The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and The New Riders of The Purple Sage.

First Rock Show of Year One - Vince Neil Band at the Phoenix


Submitted by Bill Delingat
Photo Credit: Tracey Savein

122112 this date had a lot of significance as according to some calendars it was day Number one of year Number one.

What away to start it off with a great rock concert at the Phoenix nightclub as Vince Neil and his band revved up the crowd. Neil was  playing in the band “Rock Candy”, back in 1981 when he was asked to join Motley Crue  along with his good friend Tommy Lee sitting on the drum Kit. The rest is heavy metal history. Neil released his third well received solo album called Tattoos & Tequila.

The touring Vince Neil band consists of members of Slaughter Dana Strum -bass (Slaughter) Zolton Chaney - drums (Slaughter) and Keri Kelli - guitar (formerly of Adler's Appetite) The band was wailing with tunes starting off with “Live Wire “ and right into Feelgood” ,the set continued with Tattoos and Tequila ,along with Home Sweet Home, Go away mad and S.O.S. Neil took a break as the band did a great Zeppelin medley. Neal  was having fun with almost sold out crowd at the  Phoenix, where the show was moved to from the Rockpile nightclub in Etobicoke. The set ended off with “Kick Start, Girls, Girls, Girls and of course Wild side.

Dean Brody Announces Support Acts For The Dirt Tour 2013


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Dean Brody kicks off his first national headlining tour beginning January 24 in Victoria bringing Canada's brightest artists across four regions to support Brody's 26 dates. Support acts include Small Town Pistols (January 24-February 1), Bobby Wills (February 5,7,9,10), Keith and Renee (February 12-16) and Dylan Guthro (February 18-22). Tickets for The Dirt Tour 2013 are currently on sale with 11 markets including Cranbrook, Regina, Hamilton, Orillia and Fredericton already sold out. For full listings and information on the support acts, see below.

The 8th Annual Andy Kim Christmas Show in Support of Friends of Jeff Healey Park


Submitted by Sandy Graham

The Christmas Season is upon us and along with that comes traditions of Toronto, and one event that has become a ‘must go to’ is The Andy Kim Christmas Show.

This year is the 8th Annual and Andy Kim has announced his wonderful talent list of dedicated talent, all out to set the goal of raising funds for a good cause. Andy Kim says “I am humbled that Canadian artists every year have come together to donate their time and talent to make sure that we continue this tradition of making someone else’s Christmas just a little bit better. ALL the proceeds from this event are donated directly to an organization and every year we pick one that involves children and family. This year we have chosen the Friends of Jeff Healey Park. Jeff was taken from us, his musical community, his fans and his family far too soon. This will be a way to have him live on forever.”

The confirmed performance list to date is Ron Sexsmith, Kevin Drew (BSS) Brendan Canning (BSS) Colin James, Everlasting White Lights, Sloan ,Dan Mangan, Snowblink, Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde)Kevin Hearn,
Melissa Bel, Beverley Mahood. The list of celebs that also show up to support Andy and his endeavours is also star-studded and glittering, and you never know who else will show up.

Selena Martin/Openhearts Society Play Surprise Double Bill at The Dakota


Photo credit:  Ivan Otis

This surprise last minute gig is buzzing up the social mediasphere. After sharing the stage at the 2012 Hillside Festival, the Openhearts Society & Selina Martin had so much fun they’ve been trying to get together ever since. Given the busy careers of both rising acts, it hasn’t happened until now. Or November 29 at The Dakota Tavern, to be specific.

Selina Martin is a highly acclaimed and truly original songwriter. Based in Toronto, with roots in the Ottawa Valley, she is an artist who has forged her own brand of pop by melding rock, new wave, punk, dance, folk and occasionally country, always with smart lyrics and always making it her own. Martin has a way with a hook and her songs are as accessible as they are idiosyncratic. Expect lots from most recent album 'Disaster Fantasies' plus some road testing of tunes from her next collection, due early next year.

Openhearts Society, the latest project from Chris Brown (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir/Chris Brown & Kate Fenner) and Eric Schenkman (Spin Doctors) has them joining musical forces with singer Sarah McDermott to form the Openhearts Society. The trio combines great musicianship, a country sensibility and iconic song writing to deliver the goods on their star studded debut 2011 CD release Love in Time. The band plans to release their sophomore disc in 2013, so expect to hear some new tunes from the Wolfe Island crew.

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Liam Titcomb Celebrates "Cicada” at Hugh's Room

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Liam will be ready to celebrate the hometown release of Cicada when he returns from three months of touring as headliner and,  currently, making many new fans  opening for Colin James across Canada.

Cycles define life. Seasons come and go. Relationships begin and end. Feelings appear, disappear, and re-appear stronger than before. On his first full-length album for Nettwerk Records, 'Cicada', Liam Titcomb found inspiration within that cycle.

“Cicadas are those prehistoric looking bugs that make a high-pitched buzzing sound in the summertime,” explains the Toronto-based singer and songwriter. “There’s a cicada that has a 13-year cycle. It disappears underground for years and then it comes back in a massive swarm. This record captures a feeling of re-emergence for me. The album has been a long time coming, and that’s one of the reasons I called it CICADA.”

In 2010, shortly after ending an intense relationship, Titcomb stole away to London for a month-long songwriting retreat. Exploring everything the UK had to offer and forging some incredible friendships in the process, he hit his stride as a writer and began penning the material that would eventually become his latest offering.

Slash Company Explodes at the Sound

Slash in Toronto.jpg

Submitted by Rocker John

Slash and the Conspirators, featuring Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge on vocals, Todd Kerns on bass, and Brent Fitz on drums blasted their way through a 90 min set at the sold-out recently at the Sound Academy in Toronto. Slash or better known as Saul Hudson, certainly hasn’t got rusted in any way since the demise of the Gunners way back when. His constant riffs on his Gibson Les Paul, EDS-1275 or B.C.Rich Mockingbird backed by a stack of Marshall Amps echoed through the Sound’s boisterous, but well behaved crowd.

He certainly proved his presence even at the age of 47, along with a powerful performance from Myles Kennedy (bass) while Todd Kerns provided his own unique style on lead and backup vocals. Drummer Brent Fitz never let up, bashing away until the set ended.

The song list was intense including a few songs from their just released new album, Apocalyptic Love (May 2012), but the classics Gunner’s songs, Paradise City, Sweet Child o Mine, got the crowd to their feet, hurling their fists into to the air and provided their own back ground vocals at every moment. The fans certainly left feeling their got their money’s worth.

International Guitar Night In Toronto

International Guitar Night.jpg

International Guitar Night Canadian Tour!
Featuring: Martin Taylor, Solorazaf, Guinga and Brian Gore

THE INTERNATIONAL GUITAR NIGHT (IGN) is the world's premier touring guitar festival, each show bringing together the most interesting and innovative acoustic guitarists to exchange musical ideas in a public concert setting. For each tour, IGN founder Brian Gore invites a new cast of guitar luminaries to join him for special evenings of solos, duets, and quartets that highlight the dexterity and diversity within the world of acoustic guitar. Brian founded IGN in 1995 as a forum for the world’s finest guitarists/composers to play their latest original songs and share musical ideas and talent with their peers. This year IGN’s 12th North American tour features Martin Taylor, Solorazaf, Guinga and Brian Gore.

San Francisco guitar poet Brian Gore has a reputation as one of the most interesting and influential performers of “the next generation” in acoustic guitar. His style offers strikingly beautiful tone and dynamics, and he draws much of his inspiration from myth and modern literature.  His recent project, Santa Cruz in Song and Image is a remarkable multimedia collaboration with illustrator Bill Russell built around 10 songs inspired by Santa Cruz, CA. There’s an iBook with text and images designed to enhance the listening experience, and the album includes illustrated postcards, also evoking Santa Cruz.

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