Jason Rogers: Keepin’ It Country

Cover Dec 09, 2010

by Sandy Graham

The power of music is hearing another’s heart, another’s thoughts, communicated in a way that touches you from the inside. Music bares our innermost thinking, and in doing so, we relate to someone else's experience, pain, and joy. Through this we separate ourselves, for just a moment, from the everyday challenges of this life and fully enjoy the simple things that this life has afforded us. Jason Rogers can touch your heart and your soul with his music, lyrics and soothing vocals.

Born in Eastern Canada, Rogers came from a community where neighbours, music and the simple life was the way of life. Growing up in a rural environment, his influences were the surrounding activities of hunting, fishing and adventures with nature. Rogers still has that attitude and it reflects in his music and song.

Roger’s passion for music first displayed when, at age two, he began performing Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy" for his parents and any company that may have happened by the house. This desire to perform drove Jason to become accomplished in playing piano, guitar, and percussion instruments. With these abilities, Jason moved beyond performance and began to create his own music and express his talent in a more personal way. At the age of 25, he moved to pursue a career amidst the legendary sounds of Nashville. It would have seemed to him at the time, that some options in life are only available to those who have the resources to explore those opportunities. Perhaps, it is more in God's timing and a function of our own experiences that we are placed in a setting where we are ready to accept some of these challenges. Living in Nashville has given Rogers a few opportunities to grow as a songwriter and musician, but his still considers Canada his home.

When asked his thoughts on relocating to Nashville, and the competition that is so fierce there, Rogers says he feels comfortable living in “Country Music Capitol”, but has never lost the connection with his Canadian roots.

‘Remembering The Good Ones’ was written in New Brunswick, while Rogers was visiting his Canadian grandparents.”I was feeling quite reflective, and thought about the fact that my grandparents wouldn’t be around forever. I consider them “good ones” and they were the inspiration for that song. I know they won’t be around forever. We all have family and people in our lives like that.”

‘Breathe Into Me’ talks of love and devotion, even when times are tough. ‘Breathe Into Me’, Mike Cass adds beautiful steel guitar licks that warm the lyrics into a truly, great love song. ‘Breathe Into Me’ won Country Song of the Year in 2007 in the Country Category on SongOfTheYear.com. ‘Thinking About Changing’, ‘Pretty To Me’ ‘Thinking’ are all Rogers-penned tunes, and show that this multi-talented ‘cowboy’ has the potential to earn his spot not only as a talented performer but a strong songwriter as well.

When asked what keeps him motivated Rogers says, “I stay focused. I plan on going to the top and I don’t believe in the word no. No can be turned into yes if you try long enough. I have to stick to my guns about what I love to do, which is making music”.

Jason Rogers will be represented in MIDEM in January, and is seeking European distribution as well as a major label deal. He will be starting a tour to support the CD launch in early 2010, and one of the stops will be in Toronto in March for the Cashbox Canada party for Canadian Music Week. Further details of the Jason Rogers Tour will be available in January.

Jason Rogers signs off his CD as he speaks and sings ‘Keepin’ It Country’. That you do, Jason, that you do.

For more information log on to: JasonRogers.com