Goodo Live

By Bill Delingat

When the hit musical “Rock of Ages” was scheduled to come to Toronto, someone should have thought of a production of “GODDO”. With the monolithic backdrop and all the lights a blazing this was as much of a theatrical setting that any theatre goers would pay for and on top of it all, this was the real deal. In its own way, it was scripted, as the stage was set for the 35th reunion of the power chord heavy metal trio that gave us hard edge tunes like “Pretty Bad Boy, “Under my Hat”, “So Walk On”,” Sweet Thing” and many more, joined together for a concert and film shoot for a soon to be released TV show and DVD documentary appropriately named “IN GODDO WE TRUST”.

The Sound Academy was full with an audience of weathered punks, multi colours of hair (more in the grey tones than the outrageous quaffs of the decades gone by) and a new generation of beer chugging bar goers, and all we needed was for Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar to walk in as the band reinstated our great memories of the days when rock ruled and disco was dead. Greg Godovitz, with his impish smile and Lennon glasses, and pounding bass riffs, led the assault with Doug Inglis anchoring the rock rhythms with his rudimentary and precision drumming along with guitarist Gino Scarpelli weaving the bands songs together with his razor sharp riffs on his loyal “Strat’ This was more than repeating concerts gone by with the same classic song list as it was more of a celebration when a unit of seasoned musicians instantly clicks into auto pilot as their chemistry returned on this great evening of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Why didn’t Goddo reach their international stardom that they most certainly deserved; could it have been the addictions, the passions lost or the silliness of youth not accepting the reality of the times? It is all redundant now, as this evening may just be the beginning of more to come as this reunion makes us beg for more from the talented three.

Also joining them on stage were friends and fellow musicians from other projects such as Ed Pilling performing ‘Cousin Mary,’ a hit of the band Fludd often remembered more for their album cover, a group that Pilling and Godovitz were in back in 1970’s formed right after the disbanding of Shearman & Peabody (Godovitz) ,then there was Scarpellis’ son, Gene who is no stranger to Goddo fans as well as original Goddo drummer Marty Morin, and Dr. John Bjarason who joined in on the harmonica .Brad (Mr. Anger) Lovatt from the Anger Brothers project played the keys but no sign of Bob Segarini as that would have been a reunion in its own merit.

This was rock ‘n’ roll at its best, now and then and it is easy to see why John Power of All Access Productions came up with the idea of doing a film after watching the Academy Award nominated “Anvil -The Documentary”. Power saw the potential of an even stronger story line from Canada’s rock history as he said he has ‘ the inside track on how the business went down with Goddo and had no problem convincing his partner in All Access, engineer and producer Stu Young on the idea and they soon were on the road to contacting the band.

Today, Godovitz hangs his hat in Calgary working with new musical talents, Scarpelli and son Gene team up on their favourite “axes” and knock out the tunes and Inglis is part of The Dylan Tree when he is not living in the past with the performances of chosen Classic bands, live to the note in a club or theater near you.

We will bet that what was once old will be new again as it would be great to see the power trio put out some new tunes as only they could . After all, In Goddo We Trust.

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