Do You Get The Point?


Have you ever heard, "Oh don't worry about that, it is just a typo error?" Let's take a look at a . ( dot, or for the old folks a period) in the wrong place. You just got your BMI, ASCAP or SOCAN royalty check. Which one of these typos would you prefer?
$ .10   $1.00   $100.00   $1000.00   $10,000.00
Do you get the point (no pun intended)? A typo as simple as a misplaced dot can cause havoc in cyber space. The music business is tough enough. Not paying attention to intricate detail will make it tougher.  This detail must be followed through with websites, e-mail addresses, and any and all printed media.  Be sure and memorize the correct name of your website and e-mail account and where your product is for sale.  All too often I have interviewed someone and asked for that information and the person would say I am not sure about all that.  Someone else takes care of that for me. 
The music business – YA GOTTA LUV IT!
*Keith Bradford is an on-air personality in Nashville, Tennessee on nbrn.fm.
Mr. Bradford is also owner and operator of Keith Bradford Promotions and KMA Records, which specializes in tracking, promotion and marketing of country music.

Bill King & Joey Cee - All That Jazz

Cover July 16, 2010

The Beaches International Jazz Festival has been fashionably Jazz for 22 years!
by Joey Cee

With 22 years under our belt, the Beaches International Jazz Festival has gone from a community day in the park to an international phenomenon. Clearly this music festival has defied the odds and grown into Canada’s leading free Jazz Festival.

Unlike other Jazz Festivals that have cropped up throughout the country, and around the world, the Beaches International Jazz Festival has stayed true to its roots and grown with the times. It’s ongoing success and continued survival is attributed to the hard work of the organizing team headed up by founder and producer Lido Chilelli, artistic director Bill King, the vast array of entertainers, the hundreds of volunteers, the thousands of dedicated visitors and most importantly - our sponsors and government partners. The fact that this festival has grown year after year without charging a cent for admission, is a feat in itself.

The Two Countries of Country – Keith Bradford Cashbox Nashville talks to Canadian Don Graham

Cover July 10-2010

by Keith Bradford

Recently I interviewed Don Graham by telephone and he was gracious enough to answer the following questions and many more that I have edited from this article. The Toronto Tunesmith Graham is leaving at the end of July to tour with Texas Troubadour Larry Patton in Norway, Ireland, and Austria.
KB:  Tell me a little bit about yourself – how does a guy from Montreal, Quebec end up in country music?
DG: "I could only get one Country Music radio station in the 60's and even then it was only on a clear night.  It was WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia.  I loved the commercials.  You could order 500 baby chicks for $3.99 or something like that; that fascinated me.  I really enjoyed hearing the music of Marty Robbins, and Hank Williams."

KB: You had a pick hit in Cashbox Magazine in the late -70’s – how does it feel to be on the cover now?
DG: "I used to read CASHBOX Magazine when I was a kid working in a record store.  I read all the trades working in that store. Years later, I looked in there and saw I had a pick hit in the magazine called, "Shelter In The Sky." with my band, Graham County. It has come full circle because here I am again. To be on the cover after all these years is very special."

K.B. : When you had those singles out on the Kapp Record label, your MD and guitarist was Bill Hill (producer of April Wine, etc.) Now he is the producer on this CD. Tell me about how that all came to be?

The Two Countries of Country – Canadian Sandy Graham interviews Larry Patton, The Honky Tonk Cowboy

Cover July 10-2010

by Sandy Graham I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Larry Patton, a talented Texan now living in Nashville, Tennessee. This unassuming man, with the list a mile long of greats he has played with, is about to embark on a tour to promote his new CD, ‘A Strange Night’, on the Canadian-owned ‘Breakin’ Records label. SG: tell me a little bit about yourself – how did a Texas born kid who grew up on rock and roll end up living and working in Nashville? LP: My mother was not just a rock-n-roller, she was also an avid country music fan. She took me to every country music show that came to town. In June of 1957 we went to the Grand Ole’ Opry in Nashville and saw the Everly Brothers first appearance there. I moved to Nashville the first time in 1975, went to work with Ronnie Milsap and then later that year Hank Williams Jr. After Hank’s mountain climbing accident in August, and the band’s three months in New Mexico and Arizona, I moved back to Texas at the end of that year. In 1986, with several job offers in hand, I moved back to Nashville and have been here ever since. SG: You have been in many bands over the years, with big name acts. (IE Willie, Hank etc.) there must be some interesting stories from all that experience – what is your favorite story? LP: Back when I was with Johnny Bush, we played a gig at a mental institution in east Texas, along with Willie Nelson and Ray Price. As we approached the gate with all three buses in a row, I got out only to be greeted by a short little man smoking a cigar and dressed in a military uniform like General Patton.



Keith Bradford is Executive Director of Cashbox Magazine, Nashville Tennessee. Mr. Bradford is also the director of NBRN.FM, owner of KMA Records, and also runs Keith Bradford Promotions.
Bradford is in the pre-production of the release of his new DVD Series, The Music Business – Ya Gotta Luv It!
Cashbox Canada is pleased to present weekly excerpts from this series to be released in 2011.

by Keith Bradford

There is no such thing as a good booking agent. An agency that is constantly getting their artists on NATIONAL TELEVISION is an agency that has artists with a lot of financial support!!!

How would you like to have to sit on the phone all day calling the entertainment director of STATE FAIRS and say Hey I have John Nobody or Susie Wannabe available to perform. Man she puts on a heck of a show and your audience is going to love her. What audience? Who is gonna pay to come see him or her?

If you would just stop and think about being on the other end for one moment.
You own a little music park or a bar where you book entertainment every Sunday during summer. Does it make more sense to go with a local band that has a big following or with someone that you found out about from a booking agent that no one has ever heard of but they put on a GREAT SHOW???

You must work in a local area and get your name known. You must build up a following that would be willing to even travel to go see you perform.

Now your GOOD BOOKING AGENT can make a call or two and get you a booking. Oh yes he is a great booking agent isn’t he?

The Power Of An Entertainer


Keith Bradford is Executive Director of Cashbox Magazine, Nashville Tennessee. Mr. Bradford is also the director of NBRN.FM, owner of KMA Records, and also runs Keith Bradford Promotions.
Bradford is in the pre-production of the release of his new DVD Series, The Music Business – Ya Gotta Luv It!

Cashbox Canada will be presenting a weekly sample of the DVD and it’s priceless advice for anyone interested in the music industry and it’s inner workings.

by Keith Bradford

Recently I went to a CD release party that had the media, labels, and publishers, all in attendance. The opening act came on with a 5-piece band and tried her very best to WOW the audience but the reception she received was lukewarm at best.

Finally it was time for the star attraction. He came on with 1 other musician. He introduced his friend on the fiddle as his band. He sang songs while playing his guitar and kept referring to his fiddle player as his band and it was kind of funny. He then told a few jokes and ended up singing his current single from the CD that this whole party was about in the first place.

This entertainer held the un-divided attention of about 200 in the audience for a solid 45 minutes with just his guitar and one other musician. The opening act couldn’t keep their attention for the 15 minutes she was on and she had a very good band to back her up.

The Entertainer in him was the difference. There are many wonderful singers out there but how many of them are Entertainers?

The Music Business, YA GOTTA LUV IT !


Cover June 27, 2010

by Lenny Stoute

New wave diva, wrestling maven, celebrity apprentice, Gay Pride Grand Marshall, anti-discrimination activist, “Time after Time”, Cyndi Lauper finds a way to stay in the public eye. Mostly through a series of re-inventions, and for her latest, the lady sings the blues.
On the line from NY, Lauper is bubbly and focused on Memphis Blues, a collection of classic Stax-era tunes given the Lauper treatment. Lest you think this is a serious changeup for the lady, she says it ain’t so.

“My interest in the blues goes back to a kid in her bedroom singing the songs of (Fifties r’n’b shouter) Big Mabel, who’s had a place in my music ever since. In the Nineties I was mixing pop with hip hop which put me in a place close to where I could think of this album again”. The genesis of this long-coming album is a 1987 dream starring pianist Oscar Peterson.

“For the last 10 years it’s been more or less ‘Best Of’ albums. I wanted to put out something and it seemed like good time to get that blues album I had in me out there”.


Slow Motion Victory

By: Morgan Lovsin

Slow Motion Victory, or “SMV” is a young Canadian, up and coming alternative rock band from Brantford, Ontario. They were formed in 2009 by vocalist Toby Bey, 23, and guitarist Quentin “Q” Carter, 20. They later teamed up with guitarist Henry Dowling, 18, bassist Kyle Bowlby, 21, and drummer Nathan Bolla, 22.

The band is currently playing a Toyota Corolla tour across different locations in Ontario, promoting songs from their upcoming debut LP Life in Motion, which is also the title of their newest single. The track ‘Life in Motion’ is a captivating tune that could also be considered an anthem for the band. Extremely motivating, and unbelievably emotional, this powerful song will have you banging your head, dancing, and singing the lyrics for days.

The band has also taken pro-active stances in regards to tragedies taking place in the World. In March they played a live show for the event, “Shelterbox Fundraiser for Haiti”, in which they helped raise proceeds for the Earthquake ravaged country. The event was a success and the lyrics of the track ‘Life in Motion’ could have had you believing they were made specifically for the awful tragedy in Haiti.

As Toby Bey, Quentin Carter, Henry Dowling, and Kyle Bowlby hammer out the lyrics “We Won’t Back Down…Not For Anyone!” in sync during ‘Life in Motion’, it is hard to avoid goose bumps, and to not shout along. The passion they express in those 7 words describes their journey from where they have been, to where they have come, and for where they plan to go.

Cashbox Canada and Cashbox Magazine launch new section online for Music City U.S.A.


In May this year, I was privileged enough to attend our grand opening party at The Legendary Nashville Palace to launch the Nashville office of Cashbox Magazine. In attendance, amongst others, was our fearless leader and president, Bruce Elrod, who had travelled in to oversee this moment and to also receive his honourary placement in the Big Band Hall of Fame. Keith Bradford kindly mc’d the event (see http://cashboxcanada.ca/keith-bradford-named-executive-director-cashbox-...) and the combination of both U.S. and Canadian talent graced the stages.

This led to a bonding of sorts between our artists and the Nashville www.nbrn.fm team, which includes Carey Latham (The Honky Tonk Buzz) Mike Bradford (Let ‘Er Rip) and Bill Rainey (Nu Country Hour) and (My Country Show) Host, RB Renegade. With a few visits, and many phone calls, Keith Bradford and I realized music has no borders, and that Cashbox Canada readers have been logging on to enjoy news from Nashville and the United States more frequently every week.

It is with this knowledge we decided to present a weekly section ‘Music City U.S.A.’ from our Nashville locations, and the folks down south will be submitting stories, news and other cool stuff for us to enjoy.

Thanks to all of our readers for continuing to support Cashbox, and we give a warm welcome to ‘Music City U.S.A.’.

Sandy Graham
Cashbox Canada

Desiree - The Beautiful Girl with the Big Voice

Desiree Photo

by Sandy Graham

With the first few words from this artist, you can feel her sincerity and passion for her music. A Canadian girl who has re-located to Nashville, Tennessee, Desiree has all the drive and desire needed to make a career in this business.

‘I was born in Halifax and raised in Truro, Nova Scotia, a small community in the Maritimes in Eastern Canada. I came to Nashville in 1992, the day after my graduation. My biological father, Bill Guest, was working in the music business in Nashville and I wanted to get to know him better.  Guest, a well-known Nova Scotian born music man, helped his daughter hand-pick the songs, produced the CD, and got all his musician friends together to get ‘An Evening with Desiree’ produced.

"My father even got my Aunt (Linda Guest) to play drums" Desiree laughs, "it was truly a family affair. Two of the songs on my CD are written by my father, ‘Added Trouble’ and ‘Why Not With Faith’.

Growing up in Truro, Nova Scotia, Desiree discovered her Mum’s record collection in the basement, and immediately loved singing along with her musical mentors, Crystal Gayle, Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton-John and fellow Nova Scotian Anne Murray. "I learned the version of ‘I Never Will Marry’ which I recorded on the CD, from Linda Ronstadt’s album, 'Simple Man, Simple Dream'. I also loved anything Crystal Gayle sang, and would put her music on the old record player and sing along with her. Probably why Desiree nails her version of ‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ on the CD as well.

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