Slow Motion Victory

By: Morgan Lovsin

Slow Motion Victory, or “SMV” is a young Canadian, up and coming alternative rock band from Brantford, Ontario. They were formed in 2009 by vocalist Toby Bey, 23, and guitarist Quentin “Q” Carter, 20. They later teamed up with guitarist Henry Dowling, 18, bassist Kyle Bowlby, 21, and drummer Nathan Bolla, 22.

The band is currently playing a Toyota Corolla tour across different locations in Ontario, promoting songs from their upcoming debut LP Life in Motion, which is also the title of their newest single. The track ‘Life in Motion’ is a captivating tune that could also be considered an anthem for the band. Extremely motivating, and unbelievably emotional, this powerful song will have you banging your head, dancing, and singing the lyrics for days.

The band has also taken pro-active stances in regards to tragedies taking place in the World. In March they played a live show for the event, “Shelterbox Fundraiser for Haiti”, in which they helped raise proceeds for the Earthquake ravaged country. The event was a success and the lyrics of the track ‘Life in Motion’ could have had you believing they were made specifically for the awful tragedy in Haiti.

As Toby Bey, Quentin Carter, Henry Dowling, and Kyle Bowlby hammer out the lyrics “We Won’t Back Down…Not For Anyone!” in sync during ‘Life in Motion’, it is hard to avoid goose bumps, and to not shout along. The passion they express in those 7 words describes their journey from where they have been, to where they have come, and for where they plan to go.

Cashbox Canada and Cashbox Magazine launch new section online for Music City U.S.A.


In May this year, I was privileged enough to attend our grand opening party at The Legendary Nashville Palace to launch the Nashville office of Cashbox Magazine. In attendance, amongst others, was our fearless leader and president, Bruce Elrod, who had travelled in to oversee this moment and to also receive his honourary placement in the Big Band Hall of Fame. Keith Bradford kindly mc’d the event (see http://cashboxcanada.ca/keith-bradford-named-executive-director-cashbox-...) and the combination of both U.S. and Canadian talent graced the stages.

This led to a bonding of sorts between our artists and the Nashville www.nbrn.fm team, which includes Carey Latham (The Honky Tonk Buzz) Mike Bradford (Let ‘Er Rip) and Bill Rainey (Nu Country Hour) and (My Country Show) Host, RB Renegade. With a few visits, and many phone calls, Keith Bradford and I realized music has no borders, and that Cashbox Canada readers have been logging on to enjoy news from Nashville and the United States more frequently every week.

It is with this knowledge we decided to present a weekly section ‘Music City U.S.A.’ from our Nashville locations, and the folks down south will be submitting stories, news and other cool stuff for us to enjoy.

Thanks to all of our readers for continuing to support Cashbox, and we give a warm welcome to ‘Music City U.S.A.’.

Sandy Graham
Cashbox Canada

Desiree - The Beautiful Girl with the Big Voice

Desiree Photo

by Sandy Graham

With the first few words from this artist, you can feel her sincerity and passion for her music. A Canadian girl who has re-located to Nashville, Tennessee, Desiree has all the drive and desire needed to make a career in this business.

‘I was born in Halifax and raised in Truro, Nova Scotia, a small community in the Maritimes in Eastern Canada. I came to Nashville in 1992, the day after my graduation. My biological father, Bill Guest, was working in the music business in Nashville and I wanted to get to know him better.  Guest, a well-known Nova Scotian born music man, helped his daughter hand-pick the songs, produced the CD, and got all his musician friends together to get ‘An Evening with Desiree’ produced.

"My father even got my Aunt (Linda Guest) to play drums" Desiree laughs, "it was truly a family affair. Two of the songs on my CD are written by my father, ‘Added Trouble’ and ‘Why Not With Faith’.

Growing up in Truro, Nova Scotia, Desiree discovered her Mum’s record collection in the basement, and immediately loved singing along with her musical mentors, Crystal Gayle, Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton-John and fellow Nova Scotian Anne Murray. "I learned the version of ‘I Never Will Marry’ which I recorded on the CD, from Linda Ronstadt’s album, 'Simple Man, Simple Dream'. I also loved anything Crystal Gayle sang, and would put her music on the old record player and sing along with her. Probably why Desiree nails her version of ‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ on the CD as well.

Kensington Sound Studios

Kensington Sound

On Sunday May 16, 2010, Kensington Sound celebrated 38 years in the Canadian music scene, producing some of Canada’s top artists records, jingles and voice overs and continues to offer the opportunity to make young musicians dreams come true. This also marked the new partnership with tread FIRE Music that has lead to a funky new upgrade and renovation of the studio bringing it down from the second level to the ground floor. Vezi, a seasoned musician himself and one of the original founders of the studio, hosted the event, held next door at the Graffitis Bar, 170 Baldwin St., Toronto, with an open stage for entertainment. The street was packed, as friends and the curious stopped by to be part of the great music and food while Vezi offered tours of the new studio, located next door through the lane that brings you back to a part of Toronto’s music history. Vezi is in the process of writing a book on the years of events that crossed the doors of the studio, recounting many favorite Kensington Sound memories. If you have some of your own stories, experiences or pictures from those days be sure to let him Vezi know.


Cover June 10, 2010

Few acts could whip an arena full of rockers into frenzy as Canadian Music Hall of Fame members Triumph did throughout the late ‘70s and ‘80s, when the group’s best known line-up – guitarist/vocalist Rik Emmett, bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine, and drummer/vocalist Gil Moore - were at the peak of their powers. And it’s this exact time period that is focused on throughout Triumph’s new “best of” set - ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed’, which was be released on May 18, 2010.

All of the classic tunes that were - and continue to be - in heavy rotation on rock radio (and the early days of MTV) are included here, namely, “Lay it on the Line,” “Hold On,” “Fight the Good Fight,” “Magic Power,” with others.

These fourteen tracks of anthemic metal have never sounded so good, as they were all recently remixed by Rich Chycki (who has previously worked with Aerosmith and Rush). The set also includes a previously unreleased recording - “Love Hurts” - which will be the lead-off single from Triumph’s ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed.’

"We have been planning this release forever," says Levine. "For years, Triumph fans have been demanding that we give them a fresh greatest hits package and they are going to love this one."

Also included in the set is a DVD mixed in 5.1 audio, that features eleven promo and live videos in widescreen (plus additional unreleased videos for “Child of the City,” “Blinding Light Show,” and “Love Hurts,” in addition to footage of the group’s 2008 induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame).


by Lenny Stoute

Intro: Amid the hustle’n’hype of NXNE, check this handful of acts rarely seen in Toronto and tres deserving of attention.


The artist known as Whiteboy Slim (Maurice Richard Libby), started life as the band known as Automatic Slim, the transformation occurring when the group blew up and the Toronto native took off out West.

Automatic Slim was an immediate force on the Toronto blues scene, getting attention for its quirky take on the genre, the quirk courtesy of Slam’s time at Berkelee College of Music in Boston, where his classmates included pianist Al Copley (co-founder of Roomful of Blues) and go-to soul bassist Ron McClure.

The hard-gigging unit played all the notable clubs in the city and for a time Automatic Slim was the house band at four different clubs on different nights of the week. Burned out with the T.Dot and armed with a growing national reputation, Whiteboy Slim had no probs impacting on the Western blues scene, playing all the major fests including Sasktel Jazz Festival, The Mid-Winter Blues Festival, The Prairie Arts Festival and the Flatland Music Festival.
Through all that, what didn’t change and hasn’t still, is Slim’s dedication to his very own brand of the blues; a blend of experimentalism and strict traditionalism that’s never boring.

Canadian Rocker Johnnie Lovesin Celebrates his 61st Birthday 

Johnny Lovesin and Sons

by Bill Delingat

Lovesin got his start playing in Yorkville in the heyday of peace, love and rock n roll, busking and pan handling to the curious tourists who came to gawk at what became the hippie love generation.  
By 1969 he was putting his own band together, “Black Ballet” which Lovesin would later claim to those that would listen ,that he would be crowned the “King of Rock n Roll” at the historic Lennon, “Rock n Roll Peace Festival” at Varsity Stadium. Lovesin made it as far as back stage using his all familiar “gift of gab”, but that was as far as he got to getting crowned. Oddly enough some 40 years later John Brower the rock promoter with vision that put the event together is making a movie of that historic concert called “John Lennon Ate my Lunch” formerly known as “Rock War Peace. This year also marks what would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday and the city of Liverpool is planning the “John Lennon Tribute season” Oct 9th (Lennon’s Birthday) to Dec 09, 2010 (a day after his death) with daily tribute shows at the “Cavern Club” along with a “Lennon Remembered” Memorial Concert Dec 9th at the Echo Arena. Now, if you were one of the lucky ones to attend Toronto’s Peace Festival you may recall the limousines arriving from Pearson International with an unusual escort of 50 Bikers on Harleys rolling into the backstage area escorting Lennon and the plastic Ono band as well as the “Doors”. Brower has been in contact with Lovesin to use his “Vagabond Song” during that scene in the movie of this grandiose entrance.


Cashbox Nashville Party Pics

Downtown Nashville

Check out th epictures from our "Cashbox Nashville Party Pics" .

Canadians and Americans Celebrate A Music Icon Returns to Music City U.S.A

Nashville Office Cover

by Sandy Graham

May 2010 will be a month to remember in Nashville,Tennessee. True, it was the month of the great flood, when the Cumberland River crested to a near all time high but even in the face of adversity, it was the rebirth of a great American music tradition, CASHBOX MAGAZINE in Nashville. The return of this institution was to be marked with a Mother’s Day Cashbox Artist Showcase at the legendary Nashville Palace. With the occurrence of the tragic floods, the event was in danger of being postponed due to water damage and inaccessibility, but in true Tennessee fashion of “the show must go on” the show went on.

CASHBOX NASHVILLE is headed up by Nashville mainstay Keith Bradford. Bradford and his brother Mike Bradford also operate NBRN.FM, a great internet country radio station, and KMA Records, an independent label for up and coming country artists.

Summer Songs

Lighthouse Sunny Days

by Sandy Graham

In Canada, we have the tradition of the May 24 long weekend, in honour of Queen Victoria. Being the Commonwealth country, we still uphold this holiday, but not so much as a Birthday recognition of a long ago Monarch, but as the tradition of cottages opening up for the season, gardens getting prepared for the summer flowers, holidays being planned and always the music.

Summer brings the radio stations back to playing hits from the past that we all identify with the season approaching. ‘Summer in the City’ by The Lovin’ Spoonful, ‘Summer Breeze’ by Seals and Croft and of course the Canadian summer anthem ‘Sunny Days’ by our very own Lighthouse. Since Cashbox Magazine was known for Charts in it’s heyday, Cashbox Canada has compiled a list of the Top 30 Songs that represent the summer season.

1. Kokomo The Beach Boys
2. Summer in the City Lovin’ Spoonful
3. Sunny Days Lighthouse
4. Good Day Sunshine The Beatles
5. Here Comes the Sun The Beatles
6. Hot Fun In the Summertime Sly and the Family Stone
7. All Summer Single Billy Idol
8. All Summer Long The Beach Boys
9. Summer of Love John Mellencamp
10. Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer Nat King Cole
11. Summer Breeze Seals and Crofts
12. Summer of 69 Bryan Adams
13. Summer Wind Frank Sinatra
14. Here Comes Summer Cliff Richard
15. Summer Nights From Grease
16. Sealed With A Kiss Bryan Hyland
17. The Boys Of Summer Don Henley
18. Summer Turning Blue Max Webster
19. Summer Rain Johnny Rivers
20. Black Summer Rain Eric Clapton
21. A Summer Song Chad and Jeremy

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