Fattooth Release Fan Video From Recent Too Cold To F@ck Tour & In Search of "Toothy of The Month"



Montreal, QC - April 30, 2010

Montreal punk rockers Fattooth who recently came off their TOO Cold To F@ck Tour will be releasing a series of videos collected and submitted from their fans via their youtube channel.


"This was a wicked tour of heavy weight champion music. We want to say thanks to all our amazing fans that painted their faces, chanted our slogans and created the most dangerous mosh pits. We're looking forward to crush the road again!" commented front man Hucifer.

Fattooth is still calling out to those across Canada who attended their tour dates.

"We want you! Send us your video and if you got pics we want those too!

In addition to fan submitted material, Fattooth will be choosing one lucky fan for their submissions to be the "Toothy of the Month" and will receive some free swag from the band.

Dates for Fattooth's next upcoming tour will be announced soon.

“These nine tracks become almost a deli platter of variety where one can pick and choose whatever entices them at that moment." - Exclaim!

“With their randy sense of humour and witty one-liners, Fattooth boast an amusing slice of tongue-in-cheek punk rock’n’roll heavily influenced by the likes of hardcore, metal and even elements of cock rock.” - Exclaim!

“The energy and talent coming outta this band is phenomenal… I love the sound” – Snap! Magazine

“You'll be hooked” 4/5 - Shockwave Magazine

"Fattooth brings on a mix of Punk, Cock Rock and Metal roots that make the sluts rip their shirts off..." -Komodo Rock

"The nine track CD features a refreshing collection of punk, rock and metal all mish-mashed into one unique sound" - RockStar Weekly
"Make No Bones about it, Fattooth is Canada'spremiere kick in the face MetaUPunk crossover act... With a killer stage show and biting sound, Fattooth has been tearing a new hole in the Canadian underground scene."- Rock Hideout

Fattooth Promo Clip - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsogvWcEgcc

Fattooth Studio Outtakes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNLvx9RaMnA

Fattooth on The Grind punkradiocast.com - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEFqBJGl1wA

Produced by Rob Shallcross (Juno award winning engineer, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmers Hole, Mr. Plow, Gwar, Darkest Hour)

Featuring drummer Gene Hoglan (Zimmers Hole, Testament, Strapping Young Lad, and Death)

1. Big Daddy
2. Rock Around The World [MP3] - Free Download
3. High Time At Low Tide
4. Bacteria
5. Red Neck Metal Head
6. Gunned By Noon
7. Slave [MP3] - Free Download
8. Shitzami
9. The More Machine

Photography Credit - John Warnock
(L-R) - Stevie Ray Gone - Guitar | Hucifer - Vocals | Lil' Dead - Drums | Buddha - Bass

Fattooth (hailing out of Montreal) has been tearing a new hole on North American stages and airwaves over the last 2 years. Blasting out of the gates in 2007, Fattooth released an impressive 9 song E.P. produced by Juno Award winning engineer Rob Shallcross of Reversed Records who has worked with likes of (Strapping Young Lad, GWAR, Fear Factory, Mr. Plow, Omega Crom, Zimmers Hole and many other talents). The album includes the legendary Gene Hoglan on drums (Strapping Young Lad, Death, Testament, Dethklok, Fear Factory), The Heathen (Zimmers Hole) and Mr. Plow on vocals.

Album in hand, Fattooth didn't hang around eating cheezies and diddling the neighbour's wife! Oh No... They blazed a serious trail into the eastern U.S. and across Canada three times making headlines, blowing roofs off joints and knocking out crowds! Their live performance and album are honoured by critics a true gem in a whole heap of imitators and Prozac induced depressives. They are currently prepping for their fourth cross Canada tour.

Vocals - Hucifer
Bass - Mihran Boudakian aka Buddha
Guitar (Live) - Angelo Zarra aka Stevie Ray Gone
Guitar (Studio) - George Xipoleas
Drums (Live) - Celine Derval aka Lil' Dead
Drums (Studio) - Gene Hoglan