Desiree - The Beautiful Girl with the Big Voice

Desiree Photo

by Sandy Graham

With the first few words from this artist, you can feel her sincerity and passion for her music. A Canadian girl who has re-located to Nashville, Tennessee, Desiree has all the drive and desire needed to make a career in this business.

‘I was born in Halifax and raised in Truro, Nova Scotia, a small community in the Maritimes in Eastern Canada. I came to Nashville in 1992, the day after my graduation. My biological father, Bill Guest, was working in the music business in Nashville and I wanted to get to know him better.  Guest, a well-known Nova Scotian born music man, helped his daughter hand-pick the songs, produced the CD, and got all his musician friends together to get ‘An Evening with Desiree’ produced.

"My father even got my Aunt (Linda Guest) to play drums" Desiree laughs, "it was truly a family affair. Two of the songs on my CD are written by my father, ‘Added Trouble’ and ‘Why Not With Faith’.

Growing up in Truro, Nova Scotia, Desiree discovered her Mum’s record collection in the basement, and immediately loved singing along with her musical mentors, Crystal Gayle, Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton-John and fellow Nova Scotian Anne Murray. "I learned the version of ‘I Never Will Marry’ which I recorded on the CD, from Linda Ronstadt’s album, 'Simple Man, Simple Dream'. I also loved anything Crystal Gayle sang, and would put her music on the old record player and sing along with her. Probably why Desiree nails her version of ‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ on the CD as well.

Speaking of family, this young, vibrant talent is centred and stable, having met her husband Jacob Vargas in Nashville. They live there with their 4 year old son, Isaias, and the spanish version of Besame Mucho was mentored by her Panama born husband. " Our next project is to write our own material. We are taking Spanish lyrics my husband wrote over the years and translating them into English. Currently, we have been in the studio with Mike Loudermilk (son of song-writer John D. Loudermilk) with an acoustic 3 part guitar song, ‘Fanatic’. My husband Jacob wrote 'Fanatic' in his 20's and just recently we co-wrote it into English. This is a direction we both feel is an emotional link to each other. The funny thing is that for the first few years of our marriage,we didn't realize the strength of the songs Jacob had written, they were in Spanish so I didn't understand them, of course.  I knew they were beautiful, but in the beginning, Jacob was a frustrated musician. Until meeting with good friend and well-known musician Buddy Spicher, he didn't feel they would go anywhere.  Upon hearing Jacob's songs (even in Spanish), Buddy Spicher inspired Jacob to keep writing and get his material out there.  Buddy felt very strongly that Jacob had a gift and that he should use it, and that we should translate these songs from Spanish to English as well. That was the push that inspired us to write many more beautiful songs."

When asked how she likes living in Nashville, Desiree was thoughtful. "I miss home. Nova Scotia has a very special place in my heart; I miss the solitude you get in the Maritimes. But Nashville is my home now. I have a house, a husband and a wonderful child who was born here. This is also where my career will blossom. Jacob and I do everything from the heart and I know our new projects will reflect that. Our songwriting is all about feeling from the heart - nothing is forced. The first CD was mostly covers; trying to reflect my versatility in my voice. Our new product will all be written by us."

Keep on eye out for this up and coming talent. Desiree has it all; she is beautiful, has an amazing voice, and is driven. All the makings of success in this business. To purchase her CD or learn more about Desiree visit her on: