Burn The Floor – It’s a Full-on Inferno!

Burn The Floor
By Natasha Slinko

If you want to have your heart pumping and your foot tapping, and want to feel like jumping out of your seat and dancing, then the high energy Burn the Floor is a must see.
On opening night at the Canon Theatre, audience clapped and stamped and gave this incredible show and cast three standing ovations.

With more than twenty dancers of incredible caliber, some of which were participants in the super craze of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ world-wide - from Russian with Love, to the sultry beat of Venezuela, to incredible talent from Germany, Latvia, the UK, to down under Aussieland, and of course the USA. Also joining the cast, are headliners such as Latvian Anya Garnis and Russian Pasha Kovalev (USA So You Think You Can Dance) to the elegance and grace of Australian couple, Damon and Rebecca Sugden, who took your breath away.

Two drummers/percussionists, Joseph Malone and Giorgio Rojas, filled the back of the stage and kept the flow and beat of the show moving at a high-speed pace. The cast was also joined by two very talented singers, Mig Ayesa and Rebecca Tapia, whose voices filled the air and added that extra little bit that made the show even more entertaining. The music was hypnotic and the orchestra didn’t miss a beat.
It is a show that definitely gets your heart pumping as the cast dances their way down the aisles to the stage. Raw, sultry, hot and sizzling, it was a feast for the eyes and senses and lets not forget, the heart and soul.

The Viennese waltz was so breathtakingly beautiful and graceful I am sure there were a few not so dry eyes, for it truly touched something deep inside of us. That was a moment, when time stood still and romance filled the air. It reminded us of a time before, a time that our parents and grandparents talked about in their “remember when” moments, where life and love were precious and to be always cherished.

The jive almost had us out of our seats, whereas the sensual and sultry tango, samba, mambo and the rumba left us breathless and just wanting more. Hot! Hot! Hot! Truly on fire! The talent was spilling off the stage with this extremely talented group of performers.

The costuming was stunning, one incredible piece after another, with lighting and production that made everything shimmer and shine.
This extravaganza was directed and choreographed by Jason Gilkison, former world champion ballroom and Latin dancer, who created such an incredible experience that just makes you want to run out and tear up the ballroom floor The show originally started 10 years ago in Britain before going to New York and will continue touring the world in 2010.
Mirvish Productions brought this incredible show to the Torontonian audience and we thank you! This is what this is about, and David Mirvish has his pulse on the heartbeat of live theatre. The show is aptly named, Burn the Floor, because they were on fire, it fact, it was a full-on inferno.

So run, or better yet, dance your way to get tickets for Burn the Floor. This show is a must see. Burn the Floor will be at Canon Theatre up to May 1st 2010 at 244 Victoria St., Toronto. Tickets: $25-$89; 416-872-1212, 1-800-461-3333. For more information please visit www.mirvish.com.