February 2019

The History of The Rolling Stones and the Announcement of the No Filter Tour Dates

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

When the Rolling Stones began playing gigs around London in 1962, the notion that a rock & roll band would last five years, let alone fifty, was an absurdity. After all, what could possibly be more ephemeral than rock & roll, the latest teenage fad? Besides, other factors made it unlikely that such a momentous occasion would ever come to pass. “I didn’t expect to last until fifty myself, let alone with the Stones,” Keith Richards says with a laugh. “It’s incredible, really. In that sense, we’re still living on borrowed time.”

“You have to put yourself back into that time,” Mick Jagger says about those early days when he and Keith and guitarist Brian Jones roomed together and were hustling gigs wherever they could find one. “Popular music wasn’t talked about on any kind of intellectual level. There was no such term as ‘popular culture.’ None of those things existed.”

“But suddenly popular music became bigger than it had ever been before. It became important, perhaps the most important, art form of the period, after not at all being regarded as an art form before.”

Monte Mader Pour Me Whiskey

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Submitted by Don Graham

To quote an old Timbuk3 song, Monte Mader’s future’s so bright she has to wear shades. This young Wyoming born singer/singer is about to break through with a new album and kickin’ single. A little country and a whole lotta rock “Pour Me Whiskey" from 'The Devil I Know' album will grab your attention and your ears. This is not Monte’s first rodeo, her debut EP with Big Sky, Skydive, brought Monte’s name to people’s attention and the new EP The Devil I Know will solidify her place in the industry.

Monte Ashley Mader was born in the Big Sky country of Wyoming and her rancher Dad was a huge influence on her love of music and zest for life. “My Dad was a musician but gave it up to run the family ranch. He instilled a love of music in me and my early influences were Three Dog Night and The Steve Miller Band. I guess the turning point for me was watching the George Strait movie Heartland. I saw George singing I Cross My Heart and at 5 years old I knew that’s what I wanted to do. But I ended up in Virginia in a bad relationship and knew I had to make a move. On February 10, 2014, I packed everything I owned into a U-Haul trailer and headed to Manhattan. I figured New York City was where I had to be to pursue my music. I had to find out who I was as a person, a musician and a songwriter. I wanted to write my own songs and say what I wanted to say. When my Dad passed away I lost my best friend but I feel him with me all the time and feel him smiling with pride as I move forward.”

Lenny We Got Your Back – Fundraiser Event March 28 at the Horseshoe

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Many of you know Lenny. The man about town who supports indie artists and live music everywhere. He is also the Editor here at Cashbox Canada and has stuck it out through good times and bad, making us one of the most popular online music magazines on a national and global level.

His credits and history in the music industry is lengthy: entertainment columnist for The Toronto Star (Canada’s largest newspaper) editor of Music Express (Canada’s national music magazine) as well as stints at The Globe and Mail, Eye, Metro, US industry mag Pollstar, and then of course Cashbox Canada and recently Editor for the American Record World Magazine.

Years ago a chance encounter with an extended dog leash, an inattentive dog owner and Lenny running at full speed created the initial injury. It has now, years later, manifested itself into a now critical situation that is threatening Lenny’s well being and lifestyle.

Which leads us to today. Lenny has now become a research subject, trying to determine why he is in pain 24/7, and many MRIs, scans, wands, prods and pushes and practically being put on the proverbial rack, there is still nothing definitive.

John Mayall Nobody Told Me

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Submitted by Iain Patience

There are few musicians who genuinely merit the description ‘legendary,’ maybe a handful at most. But with an octogenarian, UK bluesman, John Mayall, we have the real deal. Nobody could question or disagree that this is a guy who is truly a living legend. Now aged 85, Mayall has been a US West Coast resident for around half his life, and yet he is still often viewed as a UK blues phenomenon. Speaking to the man at home in LA, he is relaxed, warmly welcoming and excited to be again on the brink of a global tour to promote his latest album, ‘ Nobody Told Me.’

When I praise the new release, he is clearly pleased and maybe even proud about it, a twinkling-sort of response as he confirms how much he enjoyed making the album and how he still loves getting out on the road meeting fans with his fellow musicians. These days Mayall has a solid backing band that he feels has become a near-permanent fixture with Greg Rzab on bass and Jay Davenport on drums, together with a more recent addition, Carolyn Wonderland on guitar. With the new album, the band is joined by some heavyweights including Joe Bonamassa, Todd Rundgren and Springsteen’s East Street Band buddy, Soprano actor and writer, Steve Van Zandt. When I mention Van Zandt, Mayall, laughs and says: ‘Yea, I loved the Sopranos, and who would have thought Steve would be a blues player? But he sure is. You’d not think he’s committed to blues but he can do it, he has the feeling. Anybody who has the feeling is okay by me.’

International Women’s Day @ Hugh’s Room March 8, 2019

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Submitted to Cashbox Canada

Right now is a great and important time in history to do everything possible to help forge a more gender-balanced world. Women have come a long way, yet there’s still more to be achieved.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. As the world heads toward International Women’s Day 2019, planning is underway by organizations across the globe to celebrate women’s achievements and tenaciously challenge bias.

This year, Hugh’s Room Live has invited five of our favourite female artists to showcase their outstanding contributions to the musical landscape of our country and the world at large. We’re inviting everyone to participate in an evening of exceptional music and join a larger conversation about how each of us can help to accelerate the pursuit of gender parity. Artists confirmed for the evening include~Laila Biali, Eliana Cuevas, Miss Emily, Joni Nehrita and Suzie Vinnick. Read on to hear their amazing stories below.