Angus MacKay

Angus MacKay

On June 15, 2010, the Canadian Music Industry lost one of the “the good guys” with the death of Angus MacKay.

Angus MacKay, born and raised in the Toronto area, spent the last three decades creating, developing, and managing not less than four different record labels.

Angus is probably best known as the founding partner in Ready Records, alongside Andy Crosbie. Back in the 1980’s the duo brought Canadians such artists as The Spoons, Blue Peter, The Demics, Santers, and The Extras. As well, Ready also became a brief home for the likes of Teenage Head, The Guess Who, as well as the first ever all Canadian cast recording of Anne of Green Gables.

Angus Mackay was also a founding partner in Kids Records which released, amongst many loved children’s acts, the very first recorded performances of Canada’s number one selling author of all time, Robert Munsch.

At the other end of the musical spectrum, Angus helped launch Fringe Product which gave Canada the works of such hard core punk acts as The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and Husker Du.

More recently, in 2007, Angus Mackay joined forces with industry veterans Larry Macrae and Jeff Rogers, as well as reuniting with Andy Crosbie, to bring forth the indie label Sparks Music.

A talented musician himself, Mackay began performing at a very young age and in his teenage years toured Canada extensively in the R&B band, Northern Dancer.

Having been the son of the well known Canadian animator James MacKay, Angus Mackay possessed many skills both artistically and technically. Angus wore many hats in his record label duties, from the package design to actually producing the music. Angus was regarded by his peers as a fair and gentle soul whose open mind made him the approachable entrepreneur he will always be remembered as.

Angus leaves behind his wife of thirty two years, Laurie MacKay, and their two children Sean and Julienne.

A memorial bursary at Fanshawe College is being organized to commemorate Angus, the school from which he graduated in 1979 from the Music Industry Arts program. If you would care to learn more details about this bursary please contact Andy Crosbie,