D.L. Byron Satori

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Submitted by Blaine Calhoun

Exploding into the spectrum of modern pop music is the legendary D.L. Byron, a songwriter that many young Millennials might not be very familiar with but should definitely be introduced to. One of the quintessential figures of 1980’s pop/rock, Byron is back and better than ever in his new extended play Satori, which is quickly becoming one of the most talked about indie rock records of 2018. I must say, I don’t know what I was expecting when I first listened to Satori, but it was a far cry from the awesomeness that I ended up being treated to.

First off, “All Fall Down” is the best song that Byron has ever penned in his career to date. It’s a remarkably mature and reflective track that features his infamous wit and charm at its dirtiest and most cutting. Beyond its intriguing lyrics, the track features one of the catchiest riffs that he’s ever engineered. There’s so much energy and life in his music that it’s hard to believe he’s been at this for over 30 years. It’s as if this is his very first record, albeit a very excellently polished one. “No. 1 God,” is a psychedelic jam that’s arrival is perfect for the bone-dry audio of 2018. I’m really surprised that there hasn’t been a second wave of neo-psychedelic bands emerging with all of the digital technology and soundboard magic that’s available to artists these days. You would think that with all of this possibility that contemporary performers would be a little more creative than just incessantly tackling the same repetitive themes in their songs from genre to genre; whether it be grappling with fame, frivolously spending money, cheapening sex or whatever other thin narratives their marketing department comes up with. I really like that D.L. Byron doesn’t engage in those politics or childish games. The only priority he has is the music he writes and playing it up to the standards that his longtime fans have come to demand and expect from his expanding body of work.

As I see it, the problem with most modern rock singers is that they just aren’t believable or able to connect with their audience in any sort of sustainable fashion. It’s devastating really, to see such a crumbling of devotion in an entire genre like this. But the key thing is that indie artists are still fighting very hard to try and keep that from becoming the norm, and D.L. Byron is among them. Through his many years of experience and ascertained knowledge through trial and error, he’s able to be a massive force and influence over younger generations as they forge ahead in pop music history. Satori is an abundantly resourceful place for his followers to look towards for guidance in how to make a cleanly produced, marvelously rhythmic and stunningly colorful extended play. You could apply his formula to almost any format, and that’s what makes D.L. Byron such a master at his craft. He’s not just one of the crowd. He’s one of the teachers.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/dlbyron/sets/satori