Juno Award Winner Emilie Mover Releases 6th Studio Album “Night Owl”

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After a 3-year hiatus, Emilie Mover returns with a brand-new album of original songs. Emilie delivers a mesmerizing performance, with a sound often likened to Billie Holiday, Cat Power and songwriting in the vein of classic American songbook meets Bob Dylan and Harry Nilsson. Her sixth studio album, Night Owl showcases the beauty in her simple and wise-beyond-her-times approach to songwriting. Mover’s vocals are both captivating and calming, leading the listener through a range of ups, downs, and arounds on the 12-track release. Taking on a multifaceted role, Emilie also co-produced the album alongside fellow musicians Blake Mackay and Andrew Furman. Jesse MacMillan, Anna Sudac, Noel Bryant and Sean Dean (The Sadies) and Christine Bougie (Bahamas) make up the rest of the talent heard on Night Owl (with a token guest appearance from renowned saxophonist Bob Mover, Emilie’s father, of course), which was recorded at Bathouse Studio in Kingston, ON.

The album has already gained attention in Canada and abroad, with her single “Fallin’ In” recently featured as the Song of the Week on CBC’s Here & Now with Gill Deacon. During the interview, Mover talks about the hiatus and opens up about the relationship between her and music, “I’ve always been a sensitive person, but living life and learning how to live life has its struggles”. Providing a window into her creative and personal process, she relates to so many that mirror her own experiences. These experiences are reflected on through her nuanced lyrics and diverse composition and arrangement.

Emilie Mover was born in Montreal on a snowy November evening. She grew up in Toronto until moving to New York City in her teen years, where she began singing jazz with her father, Bob Mover, a renowned saxophone player familiar to jazz clubs on either side of the 49th parallel and overseas. Emilie has been singing in that scene professionally since.

She started accompanying herself on the nylon string guitar around 16, after some classical guitar lessons, playing simple versions of standards and developing her songwriting skills. Soon, she began writing her own compositions and has been doing so ever since.

With the songs that comprise her diverse catalogue, her inherently simplistic and authentic approach to playing and writing shows a depth of understanding of the great American songbook well beyond her years.

Mover has made a name for herself in the sync world with songs licensed by giants like Fisher Price, Dodge, and BlackBerry, as well as prominent placements in trend-making television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, and Girls. Emilie also received a 2013 Juno for her musical collaboration with hit children’s show Stella and Sam. Now she is back in the spotlight with her newest release, Night Owl.

Watch the video for “Walkin' Through”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ6QGqzsA_8

Album Stream: https://soundcloud.com/indiejoe/sets/emilie-mover-night-owl/s-2MC16