Christian Heath “One”

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Submitted by Harry Wells

Christian Heath is a super talented Pop singer/songwriter. His eclectic style is showcased in his new solo EP “One,” which contains six very different and unique pop songs that are really catchy, powerful, and filled with a universal message of love and making the world a better place. The songs are full-bodied and full of energy, mixing disco, folk, rock, singer/songwriter music together to create incredible pop songs sung by a singer who’s soulful vocals draw you into a world that you hope you will never have to leave.

Christian Heath has created a collection of songs that soothes the soul, a joyous blend of up-tempo songs and ballads, with smooth transitions from upbeat club-bangers to tender ballads of love and world improvement for all.

The songs on “One” radiate the concept of hope taking the ideas to another level filled with glorious colour. The EP starts with “I’m Yours” which is an upbeat love song that recreates in my mind an image of Heath performing in a stadium with thousands of lighters being held high while the audience sings along to the chorus. Definitely a stadium anthem with a message that is appealing to all.

Track two is titled “One (A World Song)” featuring the rapping talent of Infidelix, and this song too could be a stadium stomper. It reminds me a little bit of the incredible single by Bob Geldof “We Are The World” which featured all the biggest musical talents of the time. The song is full of sound, and the fact that there are only two artists on the track makes it all the more amazing. Infidelix is known in the underground hip-hop world for bringing crazy rhymes and beats centre stage and is a great addition to this title track single.

Tonight” is a Latin musical masterpiece featuring singer Nixi. This duo combination really works and brings to mind collaborations when popular male singers record with other superstars like Jennifer Lopez or Shakira. This song changes direction again, which shows how diverse and eclectic the musical stylings of Christian Heath really are without disrupting the quality and flow of the project.

Heath ups his Rock and Roll style and feel on the fourth track “No Good For You,” and being a big fan of the 90’s I loved the retro but modern feeling when listening. “No Good For You” is very commercial as are most of the six songs on “One.”

Track five ‘Paradise” is where Heath slows it down a little while singing lyrics about spending time with the one you love. Lots of piano is incorporated into the music of the track, and this song is emotional, and Heath’s voice is vulnerable, which is bold, and definitely makes this a stand out song on the EP. I really think that “Paradise” and “No Good For You” are both very radio-friendly and could be hit singles around the world.

Rounding out the EP is the final track “Magic” which is slightly reminiscent of the 80’s, a Pop-Rock masterpiece that is infectious, fun, and a great finale to an excellent debut solo record. “One” is eclectic, features songs that are ready to be featured on mainstream terrestrial radio, and so good that you will be listening to the whole EP in its entirety as every song has great merit.