My Christmas Memory

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Submitted by Don Graham

Every year we at Cashbox get to write a little vignette describing a favourite Christmas memory and every year I think I don’t have any more, I‘ve told them all.  But turns out that’s not true and the beauty is it forces me to travel back in time to various stages of  my life, looking for a new Christmas memory.

So I thought this year maybe I’d write about something that happened after my childhood, when I was an adult. Nah, that won’t work. All my real happy memories of Christmas are from when I was a young boy. Christmas was different then. It was commercial alright, but not to extent it is now. As kids we each got one “big” present and a bunch of little things like socks or gloves or a little book. Our stockings had an orange, always an orange, some nuts; walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans and such. And usually a little candy and chocolate. It really was more about family and all being together on that special day. My feeling and memory of is of a huge, full tree covered in long strands of tinsel, great big lights, not the puny little lights of today, big round, fragile Christmas balls of red, green, silver and blue. A beautiful angel that perched on top of the tree and angel hair scattered all around.

Christmas Eve was an old fashioned affair. We would have tourtiere with sausage rolls, devilled eggs and a ham at night. If I close my eyes I can see the soft glow of the tree, the warmth of the fireplace, the smell of Mum’s fresh baked shortbread and I can hear all the happy voices of Mum, Dad, sister Donna and sister Sandy. It was a night and day that no matter what all five of us would be together. I don’t think at the time I realized how special that was. Christmas today still means a lot to me. Out of the five of us,  all that’s left is myself and sister Sandy but she does a “ make Mum proud” job of carrying on the old traditions. Her house is a close to being back at Mum and Dad’s as you can get and she has the old family dining room set and Christmas dishes so dinner is a throwback to those cherished days. In fact although I always feel their presence at Christmastime it is magnified and fills me with a great sense of family and love. So that is my Christmas memory for 2016.

I hope you all have a wonderful season and get to be with the ones you love. Cherish them, nothing lasts forever.