Another Year with the Cashbox Canada Team

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

As Cashbox Canada heads into its 8th year of publishing, as the Editor in Chief, I have had time to reflect on 2016 and all we have covered here in the music industry, both here in Canada and on a global level as well.

We have bid farewell to many greats this year, and some were more personal than others. The loss of my dear friend and mentor, Bobby Curtola left a heartache I could never have imagined. But his love of people and music is the legacy and the torch he has left behind for us to carry on.

I need to thank the ones who stood beside our magazine for what is always turbulent waters in these current times in the music business. Chris Wardman, Lenny Stoute, Don Graham, Michael Williams, Pat Blythe, Mark Smith, Iain Patience, Kathy Hahn have all kept us going with stories, personal one on one interviews, and their love of the music shows through it all.

We welcomed Jain MacMillan who graciously stepped up to the plate as our graphic designer for our weekly covers, while we said goodbye to the talented Gillian FitzGibbon who has gone on to pursue a different career that captures her free spirit and love of horses.

To my Celtic family, Meghan Bold of Bold Steps, Stephen Lamb and Brook Richardson along with OMFG, as well as Rory Sinclair and Caledon County for always being there for me to continue to promote my heritage.

As always the publicists like Anya Wilson, Jane Harbury, Glenda Fordham, Eric Alper who are all steadfast in their frequent deliveries of new music and new artists for us to experience here at Cashbox.  A special thank you to all the others who keep us on their email blasts and mail deliveries.

To my special friends Michelle and Jae Gold and all the folks at CIMA thank you for making it easier to stay in this business by your caring support. People like Donald Quan, Dave Woods, and so many others who treat us with incredible respect.

The most important people to thank are the ones who create, record and perform their music. Without you we would not have a job to do.

I have been privileged to work in this business for over 40 years, and continue to wake up every day with the drive and love that I had in my youth, thanks to the music.

Here is to saying goodbye to what was a bittersweet and hard 2016 and here is to the New Year. May it bring you all the dreams and hopes you have wished for and may you have all the health and happiness you deserve and the success that will come with it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Sandy Graham