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Submitted by Sandy Graham

Cover Head Shot Credit: Jen Kelly

For some of the older music fans, Radio Caroline was an era that will stay etched in music history forever. Tom Lodge was there. And now his son Brodie picks up the torch to carry on the road of life, music and memories.

When the CD, ‘Last Kiln Standing’ arrived on my desk, and because of my deep respect for his father, I have to be honest, I gave it my immediate attention. When listening to the tracks, I first noticed how refreshing the music was, and the vocals were pure in their delivery, with no auto tune or treachery to the production.

We only have 52 covers a year, to be the cover story is something we chose carefully and giving it to Brodie Lodge was the right thing to do. Ironically, we chose April 1st, which as it turns out is the day in 2012 that the Lodge clan decided to celebrate the life of Tom (Umi) Lodge who passed away March 25, 2012. So fitting his son is on the cover on this date.

The inspiration behind ‘Last Kiln Standing’ was a true life experience. “I was a bit of a NOMAD, hitchhiked around Canada, working the farms as casual labour, occasional construction. There are hundreds of tobacco farms in Norfolk County, each one had a 'Kiln Yard' made up of about 10 Kilns. Now they are being torn down. But some farms keep one for storage like a "Last Kiln Standing". I was a kiln hanger I hung tobacco on some of those farms, in some of those kilns. I did the painting (cover artwork for CD) from memory and tried to capture the aloneness of a 'last kiln standing'."

Last Kiln StandingLast Kiln StandingA truly unique CD, the eclectic offering matches up with the Lodge logic; a little of everything for everybody. The opening track, ‘Wasted’ tells about the downfall of an average man who had it all. Based on a real life encounter at a Toronto club, Brodie met a guy out front Queen Street and the rest is in the song. There but for the Grace of God go is the motto.

“Stronger” is based on the theory that ‘if it doesn’t kill ya it makes you stronger’. When a crisis happens it brings into perspective what is important and it can give you strength. ‘Crime to be Happy’ is all about how society looks at people who are actually happy - society is way too serious.

‘River Boy’ is a cover by Fred Carter Jr., Brodie liked what the song had to say, having discovered it on a Willie Nelson record and cound relate to it so it made the cut.‘Actually Know’ is a country folk flavoured tune, showing how diversified this artist truly is with his songwriting and delivery.

Photo Credit:Louise Hale‘All My Friends are Dogs’ is a cute true story of a man who was the previous owner of Brodie’s property who was a loner and no could get near him. He was 20 years alone and had over 30 dogs. A character amongst his neighbours.

‘Is There Freedom’ was influenced by Brodie’s Dad, Tom, who told him ‘get yourself out of the way to make that happen. Brodie says, ‘my Dad used to say there is freedom from and freedom to be, you need to be chose that freedom.’

‘Long Way to Go’ as Brodie says it has been 55 years and I am still trying to get there but I still have a long way to go.’ ‘Crash Course’ was actually written in 1991 and was one of the last Corn Dogs songs who were signed to a major label deal but never got recorded.

Brodie credits Dave Clark for the musical choices and production of this album. ‘Dave has been the guiding force behind our music. He is instrumental in how we have evolved. He actually encouraged me to be a solo acoustic act. It terrified me but it was empowering.’

Joe Lapinksi produced the album with Dave Clark (they work as a productin team). Joe runs Wow sound studios in St. Catharines where Brodie is also now currently recording new product. Joe Lapinksi is also responsible for the engineering in addition to the production on this CD. Dave Clark co-wrote Wasted, Stronger, Is There Freedom and Long Way to Go. Crash Course was a co-write with fellow Corndog, Greg Clarke. 

When asked where his inspiration comes from Brodie had this to say. ‘My Dad was a huge influence in my life. I learned about channeling and tuning in to all frequencies. It is like a conduit, a dial on your forehead, just waiting for another song to appear.’

Brodie LodgeBrodie LodgeSo what does the future hold for Brodie? ‘We have a new album released this summer. I loved doing the solo thing and it was worth trying but my goal is to get the band out there again. We want to do small towns, festivals throughout the mid-summer and fall. Then we will have the next album out.’

Advice for new and up and coming artists? ‘The biggest thing to do is believe in yourself – believe in your music. Music comes out of you naturally – encourage yourself.’

Final thoughts from Brodie on his Dad Tom Lodge. ‘I miss him a lot but he always said if you miss something then you weren’t fully there in the first place. I hope he’s having a great time on the next level. I will see him again one day. In the meantime I know he is proud of me for pursuing my music.’


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