Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective: 'Live 'N' Kickin'

Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective  'Live 'N' Kickin'.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

Jamie Williams & The Roots Collective is a six-piece English outfit with a firm grasp on modern Americana with underlying blues and rock influences clearly part of its make-up. 'Live 'N' Kickin' is just that: a live recording, recorded at the 2015 Cropredy Fringe Festival (Cropredy is the annual home of the official Fairport Convention folk-roots bash) at the Brasenose Arms, a bar known to love this kind of kickin' music.

All fourteen tracks featured here are written by band-leader, Jamie Williams himself and range across the blues/rock/country/Americana gamut while positively pulsing with good-humour, stylish ouches and sheer joi de vivre. This is a noisy band, not a faint-heart in sight or sound. Almost everything in this melodic mix rocks and rolls, music to get people on their feet, to dance with and to.

Having been together for around five years, the current line-up is settled, sure-footed and satisfying. Williams leads on rhythm-guitar and vocals with strong, explosive at times, support from Lizzie B on acoustic guitar; Dave 'The Hat' Milligan on lead-guitar; Kev 'The Rock' Warner on bass; Nick 'Nix' Garner on harp, and Spencer Blackledge keeping the beat together on drums.

All in all this is a promising live album full to bursting with thumping, fiery tracks and up-tempo modern Americana music. A great discovery.