Brothers Brown: Dusty Road

Brothers Brown Dusty Road.jpeg

Submitted by Iain Patience

The Brothers Brown is a hard-rocking, blues four piece led by two Grammy-winning frontmen, both named Paul Brown. Despite the potential for confusion here, the music is loud and clear, begging attention from the first searing note to the last. Make no mistake, this is band that knows how to move and then some.

'Dusty Road' is a debut release from a four-piece band with immediate and evident quality, talent, class and style. There's a shining confidence to the music here and an understanding of just what it takes to make the grade in the hard music business. All tracks are self-penned and the Brothers Brown already have enough material squirreled away for another, follow-up, sophomore release in the future.

With members' roots falling between Nashville and LA for the most part, the range of genres covered here includes straight rock, R&B, through blues, jazz and even hints of Americana. While both Paul Browns have picked up Grammys for their work as producers, guitarists and keyboardists in the past, the rest of the band have also been equally and impressively busy with bassist David Santos working with Billy Joel, Elton John, John Fogerty and others, while drummer Peter Young has toured with Loretta Lynn, The Burrito Brothers and others.

With pedigrees like this, it's to be expected that the Brothers Brown and 'Dusty Road' - in particular - will be filled with interesting, quality material. And, it sure is. This is simply an excellent debut album from a band that is bound to make its mark. Add some slippery steel/slide fretwork from guest Paul Barrere, of Little Feat fame, and you have an irresistible debut release.