Proudly Canadian Suzanne Stevens

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Suzanne Stevens (born 1950) is a Canadian singer, based in Montreal and active during the 1970s and 1980s. She won the Juno Award for Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year in 1975. Her best-known song is a disco-styled remake of the 1965 Barbara Lewis hit "Make Me Your Baby."

She was a receptionist until her successful performance on a Montreal talent show launched her recording career. Stevens performed in both English and French.

She was also host of the Global Television musical variety series For Lovers Only which began in September 1978 and featured lounge pianist Lou Snider.

1973 Le soleil (Capitol)
1974 En Route (Capitol)
1975 Je ne vivais pas avant toi (Capitol)
1976 Make Me Your Baby (Capitol)
1976 Doesn't It Seem Like A Miracle (Capitol)
1976 L'as-tu vu le soleil (Capitol)
1976 Knowing How Knowing When (Capitol)
1979 Let It Burn (Capitol) 

1974 En Route (Capitol)
1975 Moi de La Tete Aux Pieds (Capitol)
1976 The Tower (Capitol)
1977 Love's The Only Game In Town (Capitol)
1977 Crystal Carriage 1977 Les nuits sont trop longues
1978 Stardust Lady

Make Me Your Baby Suzanne Stevens