Poor Nameless Boy Making a Name For Himself

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Submitted by Don Graham

Poor Nameless Boy actually does have a name and it’s one that you will know very shortly as Joel Henderson is poised to make a big splash on the folk/roots/Americana scene.. When asked about his choice of Poor Nameless Boy as a stage name, Joel explains “ My dad toured for 18 years as a musician and my brother Chris has got a good sized Country music following so I wanted something that would give me my own indentity. I went to see my dad and brother with about 40 name ideas but none of them really worked. I couldn’t come up with one and dad jokingly said “ Poor Nameless Boy” , and that was it.”

Joel has carved a nice niche for himself with his unique brand of music and much like Corb Lund, he will garner his own legion of followers with his new album “Bravery.” The 10 song collection on Chronograph Records shows Joel’s songwriter ability at it’s best. The opening track and lead single, “Bravery” with the line 'oh what do we hold dear? we hide our bravery in boxes behind the water heater' sets the mood and tone with beautiful harmony and fiddle parts provided by Carmelle Preztlan adding a pure, soulful vocal by Joel. The beautiful “Atlantic Ocean”, an unlikely song from a Saskatchewan boy, but you can taste the salt air when you hear it as does “Dreamboat”. “River and Trees” is a great statement song and “Saturn” a love song about a beautiful, enigmatic woman who is obviously out of this world  “it’s tough to nail her down, she’s headed for Saturn, sailin’ on the clouds.” “ I’m Not Going Anywhere “ , we’ll get through these hard times and “ twenty years looking back, this will be the season we grew stronger.” This is one of my favourites. “Thirty Photographs” stands out for its message and drum sound. Photographs were the way to stay in contact; 'thirty photographs dated the first thirty dates you’ve been gone.' This is another of my favourites. “Fairy Tale” will have you believing again. “Radio Return” and “Leave Myself Behind” round out this album, which left me wanting to hear more when it ended.

Joel is proud of his work on this CD as well he should be, “I’m happy with the way it turned and happy with the songs. I work very hard at the craft of songwriting and hope to keep improving and striving to reach that next level. I like people to get something out my writing and never explain the genesis of the song. I think it’s important for people to relate to it from their perspective." His country singer/songwriter brother Chris Henderson had this to say about his brother, “"There aren't many who analyze and work at their craft as hard as he does. His progression as a writer has challenged me in my work, "it's been great to see how well his true, unbiased work has been received. His songs keep getting better, as do his live performances, I'm excited to see where this project takes him. I'm proud to have had a small role in it, and I'm not at all surprised by how well it's been a thus faccepted so far. In my opinion it's just really solid writing, great production, and an all around good listen." Couldn’t agree more Chris.

Poor Nameless Boy is getting set to tour so if see him coming anywhere near you don’t miss the chance to experience this fine, young talent.