Paul Sanderson Both Sides Now at Musideum

Paul Sanderson Photo Credit Sam Rosenbaum.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham

Paul Sanderson, acclaimed Toronto entertainment lawyer, showed a whole different side of himself to an enthusiastic audience at Musideum, Toronto’s premier listening room last week. The evening was advertised as being a chance to see the “other side” of Sanderson. Although Paul performs with his band, Blue Room, he very rarely performs solo. But that’s exactly what he did on this memorable night. The night began with him playing a couple of piano instrumental originals on Musideum’s top of the line Bechstein piano. The beautiful tunes showed Paul’s classical training in a way he hoped that would “make my piano teacher proud.”

From there Paul moved across the stage and picked up his Gretsch Resonator and showed his remarkable skill on slide and blues guitar. His railroad inspired “ Gonna Ride This Train” song  was the first blues song he ever wrote (he was 17 years old at the time) and he got the audience joining in with a cool “call and response.” He performed a couple of very good instrumentals and a killer version of the Jimi Hendrix classic, “Little Wing.” 

He then changed hats and became Paul Sanderson the lawyer.

He touched on publishing, neighbouring rights and trademark issues and was very generous in the question and answer portion of the show. Normally these kinds of events allow for one question per person but Paul allowed multiple questions from anyone who had a need.

In Paul's words, "I welcomed the chance to show the musical side of why I got into the music business, in concert, in a very special venue. The audience was very responsive and attentive. This made it a truly very memorable night for me. I hope to be able to do it again some time."

As a special bonus, every guest received a copy of his book, “Music Law Handbook for Canada: 10 Essential Legal Articles” published by Seraphim Editions. It is a first of its kind publication in this field.

Stay tuned for this event happening again in the near future.

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