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Peter Foldy truly has Nine Lives, if not more with many incarnations from pop singer, songwriter, producer, film maker, director, photographer amongst his many skills. Peter Foldy was born in Budapest, Hungary but soon fled from the then Communist regime with his parents and sister. The family immigrated to Sydney, Australia where Foldy attended high school and worked as an actor in television commercials. During this time he also forged a friendship with three young brothers who would later find worldwide success as The Bee Gees.

After a family move to Toronto, Foldy enrolled in film school at York University, formed a band and performed for many years across Canada and beyond, while experiencing success with various songs charting and Juno nominations throughout the 1970’s. Now residing in California, Foldy still maintains his loyalty to his Canadian roots and has never forgotten where he came from all those years ago.

Nine Lives, aptly titled, is all about that – his appreciation of all the many successes and ‘lives’ he has managed to live while creating music. “I am grateful to still be doing what I love. Music and songwriting have always been a major part of my soul, and this new album has been a wonderful experience to once again feel my songs come to life on a recording. I am thrilled and looking forward to this worldwide release and I am anxious for my fans, old and new, to have a chance to listen to it.’

From the opening track of “In Too Deep” if you know Peter Foldy, then you know this is the sound and soul of the singer of the classic hit ‘Bondi Junction’. The lyrics are almost like a follow-up to that young love; ‘making promises we couldn’t keep’ with the I have not forgotten  ‘You’ve had your romances I’ve had mine’ but ‘you and me are meant to last’.

“Carly” tells the tale of love gone wrong but with still the hope of maybe it will work one more time as ‘this love is still worth saving’, an emotion we have all felt at one time or another in this journey of life. “So Emotional” encompasses the style of Foldy, a crisp and clean production, with slick guitar solos and a sing-a-long feel that is infectious.

“Roxanne” (Redux) is a redo of the hit from 1976 with a strong vocal from Foldy, sweet harmonies, and a clean delivery. “I never loved the original version” Foldy confesses, “I thought this was the right place and time to re-do and offer it up again.” “Something Happened” pumps it up a bit, sounding a bit like Stealer’s Wheel with a Paul Simon vocal and rhyming schemes of the early Beatles material. It doesn’t get much better than that.

“One of Us” is a beautiful song, with lyrics that sound like Rupert Holmes lyrics and Gilbert O’Sullivan performance it is a poignant and meaningful song. “It is really an offering to many people who suffer from being misunderstood. It is a song dedicated to those who feel that they don't fit and are not being 'seen' for their daily trials and tribulations. It is for anyone who constantly thinks they are on the 'outside' and have no way to communicate with those around them."



Peter FoldyPeter Foldy“Rejection From You” has a different vocal style. “I wanted to try a different approach from my standard vocals. This CD was my chance to show I can be diversified and ‘Rejection From You’ helped me do just that.”

“Philadelphia On Your Mind” is all about moving forward and not getting hung up in the past. “I have a friend who would just ‘disappear’ emotionally from time to time. She was originally from Philadelphia and would dwell on the issues from when she lived there. I wrote this as a tribute to let her know she needs to let go of the past in order to be happy. We all do that, so it is a lesson for myself as well, to remind myself to enjoy today.’

“Reach For the Stars” has yet another sound to it, with Foldy now going for the country/rock feel and doing it well. “United” is melodic and deep. ‘I wrote this when the big fear was the Mayan Calendar and how mankind would be affected.”

“When I first got the idea to record and release a new CD, I didn’t realize how the marketing and promotion has changed. I thought it was simple; record, release, promote. Now I know I am releasing this CD because I love to write – I love to sing – and most importantly I want my music to be heard by a wider audience. I had great success in Canada, but at the time we did not have the social media, buying possibilities worldwide, and ways to get our names out their universally. Although I miss those old days of being able to promote ‘on the ground’ with record reps (Foldy credits Joe Owens for being a major support back then and they are still close friends to this day) and trade magazines – RPM and Record Week (Joey Cee) supported my music I now know the power of the web, and with a worldwide distribution deal in place I am excited to see what will happen next for me and my music.”

If you could take the feel of the 1970’s and bring it forward with a new twist, this is what Nine Lives is all about in Peter Foldy’s delivery. With a message of songs that talk about yesterday, today and tomorrow, this is  CD that warrants frequent plays and then a permanent place in your library.

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Editors Note: Peter Foldy had a Pick of the Week in Cashbox Magazine on September 11, 1976. Coming full circle, it is fitting we feature Peter Foldy on the cover of Cashbox Canada. Full circle for both of us.