Billy J White Damn Fool Thing To Do

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Submitted by Don Graham

Southern Ontario native Billy J White is living the dream. The 22 year old country singer, songwriter  and performer is set to release a  7 song CD titled ‘Damn Fool Thing To Do’ at The Boston Manor in his hometown of Burlington, Ontario.  This will be the second multi song release for the up and coming troubadour  and he is thrilled.  “ I’m really excited about this” the young singer said from his home, “We’ve released a couple of singles from this package and got pretty good reaction. “  He went on to say “We put out ‘Saturday Night’ and a real fun tune called ‘Keep Them Kisses Comin’.’There’s been a lot of learning and growing in the last few years, the process of creating this CD and then traveling across Canada solo on my Western Canadian Radio tour and some thought that  was indeed a “damn fool thing to do!”  I have had a great time writing, performing, meeting new fans and making new friends. Truth be told, I can’t wait to see everyone on my next tour.”

Billy J is very aware of and thankful for the team that surrounds him including strategist Irene Carroll of iSee and Associates along with tracking and radio tour support by Anya Wilson of Anya Wilson Publicity and Promotion. “In this business, especially today, you need a team of professionals in your corner to help you navigate the roads of publicity, image, promotion and such. Hopefully by now the singing and performing are under control but the other stuff that gets the music heard is up to the pros who know all the bends and turns in the road. When asked what sets him apart from the talented artists currently out there Billy J. says “There’s lot a fine artists out there today but I think my edge is I’m from the country. Born and raised, so when I sing a country song it’s from the heart. I’m not a city boy trying to fit into the country mould. I also can rock it. My motto is “rockin’ it, country style” and I love to perform.” Billy J also thanks his family for supporting him in the pursuit of his dream. “I really owe a lot to my Mom and Dad, Kim and Bill Sr, and my sister Jaymee White. They’ve always been there for me and any success I have they will be a big part of.”

Billy J White has commanded stages and wowed audiences at Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival Country In The Woods, The Manitoulin Country Fest, NSAI Tin Pan North and several Ontario based fairs Nominated for 2013s CMAO Male Artist of the Year, Billy J White has opened for some of Canada’s greatest performers including The Stella’s, Deric Ruttan, Tim Taylor, Gil Grand and Diane Chase.

The new CD includes Keep “Them Kisses Comin’,”, “Girl Problems Damn Fool Thing To Do”, “Gotta Lotta Country”, “I Could Be The One”, “What A Heart Can Do” and “Saturday Night” , produced by multi award winning Tom McKillip in Abottsford. B.C. and can be purchased online and through iTunes via

So grab yourself a copy, it would be a damn smart thing to do !