Proudly Canadian: Skylark


Submitted by Sandy Graham

Originally from Vancouver, B.C. Skylark was yet another incarnation of one of Ronnie Hawkins’ backup groups, who were signed to Capitol Records and releases their self-titled album in 1972. The album had three single releases from it, with the biggest hit being ‘Wildflower’, a # 1 hit in Canada, and peaking at # 9 on the US Charts and sold over a million copies. It is still a standard on retro radio and  was written by guitarist Doug Edwards and Dave Richardson, who was a Victoria police officer at the time. ‘Wildflower’ is an early example of the power ballad, featuring a strong, emotional lead vocal, a blend of electric guitar, strings and harp, distinctive "slow dance" percussion, and almost-gospel background vocals. It has since been covered by Johnny Mathis, The New Birth, The O'Jays, Kenny Rogers, Aaron Neville, Gary Morris, Color Me Badd, Phil Perry, Lisa Fischer, Hong Kong superstar Sandy Lam, Lana Wolf and sampled by Tupac Shakur and Jamie Foxx. This song was also covered by Jodeci.

Skylark also included renowned composer/arranger David Foster. Unfortunately they disbanded after the lukewarm reception of their second album, 2, but its members achieved mixed success in other projects.

Former Members:
B.J. Cook - vocals
Donny Gerrard - vocals
Flip Arellano - vocals
David Foster - keyboards
Carl Graves - percussion
Robbie King - Hammond organ
Eddie Patterson - guitar
Steven Pugsley - bass
Doug Edwards - guitar
Gaye Delorme - guitar
Duris Maxwell - drums
Brian Hilton - drums (replaced Maxwell)
Kat Hendrikse - drums (replaced Hilton)
Norman McPherson - guitar (replaced Edwards)
John Verner - guitar (replaced McPherson in 1972)
Allan Mix - guitar (replaced Verner in 1973)

Wildflower Skylark