Buddy Holly and Red Robinson The Canadian Connection

Canadian Red Robinson and Buddy Holly.jpg

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October 23rd, 1957 - Biggest Show Of Stars For 1957 performed two shows at the Georgia Auditorium in Vancouver BC, Canada. Legendary Canadian DJ, Red Robinson conducted an interview with Buddy backstage before the show that lasted 3:00 minutes and has appeared on several bootleg CDs.

Red sent me a letter & had this to say about his meeting with Buddy. “We were both kids, neither one of us thought Rock ’n’  Roll would last. He even stated this in his interview. As Canada’s first deejay to play rock & roll in 1954, it was my pleasure to emcee the “Show Of Stars” which featured Buddy Knox, Jimmy Bowen, Frankie Lymon, Eddie Cochran, The Everly Brothers, Paul Anka and Buddy.

As the first DJ to list “That’ll Be The Day” in Cashbox magazine in 1957, Buddy felt I was the one most responsible for launching the career of The Crickets. He recognized this during the interview. At that time, 12 DJs in North America contributed our most requested hits, ten in all, to Cashbox. For historical purposes you will find that this information tells the true story in that it was the first chart appearance of any kind for “That’ll Be The Day”.

Buddy was one of the nicest people I have ever met. He was fun loving & relaxed, who could have been a chum that I had gone to school with. Even the tough touring schedule did not bother him as it was an exciting time, a time of innovation, a time of youth. In those days, they did two or three songs, and then on to the next act. It’s interesting to note that after his untimely death I added a new facet to my own career & began booking Rock & Roll acts. In 1962,63 and 64 I booked The Crickets in the Vancouver area & became friends with Sonny & JI...a friendship that has survived to this day. I will always treasure my meeting with Buddy. There was only one...he is gone but his legacy lives on.”

The interview aired on his ‘Teen Canteen’ program the next night on CKWX radio in Vancouver and ran as recorded. The photo has popped up many times credited as being Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy. Although the resemblance is there the photo is actually legendary Canadian DJ Red Robinson and Buddy Holly.