Giving Thanks For the Music

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Submitted by Don Graham

Thanksgiving Music:

Music is probably something we all take for granted just because like water, the sky and the ground we walk on it’s always been there. And it’s everywhere. It’s on our T.V. shows, the nightly news,our favourite sitcoms. Look at a picture of the I Love Lucy show and you’ll hear the theme in your head. Mission Impossible, Mash, CSI. And on and on.

They say that smell is the greatest memory trigger but I have to think music is a close second.  Hearing a song or melody can take you right back to the moment in time when you first heard it.

And evoke the same emotions you felt at the time. Powerful stuff. Remember the dances you went to as a kid and the  slow dance songs that allowed the timid boy to ask the girl of his dreams, or any girl for that matter, to allow him this dance?  I’ll bet if you think about it you can hear the tune and sing the words. Amazing Grace will nearly always bring sad memories of a passing and the subsequent grief and tears.

As Hugh Prestwood said in the  song he wrote for Trisha Yearwood “The Song Remembers When”.

Music was and is the voice of generations.  Originally created for the auditory pleasure of the masses it became much more as time moved on. In the days of the troubadours, messages and local news were conveyed by way of songs, putting the news to melodies and airs to sing to the kings and townspeople. Thus the folk song was born.

Time periods were defined by the music of the era. The roaring twenties with its flappers and the Charleston.  The war years of the forties with sentimental songs of missing loved ones who were called away to battle and songs of pride and patriotism. The rock and roll years of the fifties, Blue Suede Shoes and Elvis were rockin’ around the clock. The youth wanted something of their own and Elvis and all the other cats, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and Bill Haley gave it to them.

Then the early sixties when America and a lot of the world was plunged into grief and disbelief with the assassination of an American president on American soil, a group of four off the wall  boys from Liverpool brought a new and exciting sound to the world, brightening the airwares and lightening hearts around the world. The power of music.

The late sixties with its discontent and rebellion in the hearts of the youth brought self-indulgent psychedelia of an unhappy but determined generation. You could “hear” the revolution that was percolating.

And so it has been for generation after generation, the soundtrack of our lives created by music.

So this Thanksgiving I think it would nice to thank all the pioneers and folks that created the music, the songs, the instruments and the technology that allow us the enjoy the joy, comfort and power of music.

Thank you to the Martin’s and Gibson’s for making the mandolins and guitars. To Les Paul for needing a way to make his guitar heard in the back the room and making his guitar “electric.”  To Leo Fender for designing and creating the Fender Telecaster, spawning all the great Fender guitars and basses. Thank you to the Hohner family for the harmonica. The Steinways for the pianos and Ludwigs for their drum kits. The Neumans and Shures for their microphones. The Harrisons for their recording consuls The Fenders and Marshalls for their amps.

And to all the musicians, singers, songwriters, agents, radio and record folks who chose music as their path in life, Thank You!

So this Thanksgiving dinner I think the prayer will be “ Thank you Lord for the food we are about to receive, Amen” followed by “ And thank you all the music people in the world for brightening our days! Rock on!”