Sills and Smith The Glorious Ache

Sills and Smith The Glorious Ache.jpg

Submitted by Don Graham

Sills and Smith, Frank Smith and Jeremy Sills, have released the much anticipated follow up to their 2012 release ‘No Way In, No Way Out’.  Both were recorded at Corvidae  Music in Ottawa, Ontario and produced by studio owner Jonathan Edwards. But if you’re looking for a similar album to ‘No Way In No Way Out’, think again.

‘The Glorious Ache’ is a rock and roll, folk fusion unlike anything you’ve heard before from these guys. Edward’s production has kicked the tunes into overdrive and has the boys moving confidently into the passing lane. The long ethereal intro to the opening track ‘Hold On Tight’, is an opportunity to get yourself strapped for this 15 song adventure.

‘Ready, Set, Go’ bites and demands your attention leading into ‘Be Careful’ a warning to be strong in this world not built for the weak. ‘Advice Not Taken’ and ‘Parachute Love’ are accented by Edwards stinging guitar work and tightly woven harmonies. There’s something early British invasion style sans the syrupy love song lyrics, about this group.

‘Amanda’ is a folky tribute to Amanda Todd who was cyber bullied to the point of suicide. Poignant message of all the things she will miss having left this world so soon.  ‘A Church in the Country’, ‘It’s Wrecked’ and  ‘Tornado Alley’  lead into ‘If You’  a beautiful ballad, a little bit of Bread, Donovan and a Claptonesque guitar lines. All the vocals are believable and understated. ‘Living On An Island’ and ‘Promises’ are followed by the highly listenable ‘Freezing in Here’, good job boys.  ‘Fill My Cup’ is another one that makes you feel like you at a country fair of old, almost baroque in track and lyric.

The CD finishes with ‘In Memory’ a well crafted song of days gone by.

Sills and Smith have found in Jonathan Edwards the perfect producer, arranger and co-writer to flesh out their message and make it accessible to a large audience.

A great listen and two thumbs up guys!!!