Daniel Casavant Soul Reunion

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

When speaking to Daniel Casavant his charming accent and warmth immediately makes you feel his passion for his music. Born in Montreal, Quebec, this singer/songwriter has it all; a great look, musical talent and a flair for writing wonderful songs.

“I used to listen to the radio when I was a small child’, Casavant says. ‘All the British singers were a huge influence on me; The Bee Gees, The Beatles, anything and anyone that combined great lyrics with great harmonies. I wanted desperately to perform like they did, which was a very big dream for a French-speaking boy.’

But his persistence to embrace music started at the age of eight when he took up the acoustic guitar and starting composing his own tunes. By 15, Daniel then took on the piano and continued putting his lyrics to music. When in his teen years, he decided it was time to travel to experience firsthand the original roots of where this music all started, so he set off and hitchhiked to New Orleans and Nashville, and as a wandering troubadour does, he stopped along the way to play with local talents, playing jam sessions and honing his craft.

By the year 2000, he had spent enough time in the United States to gather his Americana experiences and meld them with his love of British music; weaving it into a musical mosaic of his own French Canadian heritage, which led him to his current sound which quite honestly can’t be compared to anyone.

Daniel Casavant LiveDaniel Casavant LiveWith all great careers, it takes time to fine-tune your sound, so by 2009, Casavant was ready to release his first CD ‘Nine At The Time’. The album received international airplay and garnered a number of accolades including The Billboard Magazine World Song Contest, The Mountain Stage Newsong Contest 2008, The UK Songwriting Contest 2009 and Mike Pinder’s 2009 Songwars as well as a recent rave review in Cashbox Canada.

The musical journey continues for this talented artist but as his career is just about to blossom he has never forgotten his roots and where he came from in the beginning. ‘I grew up in a traditional, tight knit family. We always had music in the family, tradition and heritage are all part of my character. I want to cross the cultural boundaries now. Yes, I am from Quebec, but I am from Canada as well and music has no borders.’

Daniel’s latest offering Soul Reunion is a five-song, mini EP of original tunes penned solely by this talented musician. In this EP the singer/songwriter takes you on a personal life’s journey through the tracks of Soul Reunion…”When Time’s Runnin’ Out”, “Park And Fly”, “More Than A Lover”, “Two Times One Of A Kind (In Your World)” and “Heavenly High” (Live). The song “Park And Fly” recently received an honorable mention from the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest.

‘I called my new EP ‘Soul Reunion’ because it was about having a reunion with myself; coming back to who I really am inside. It has been a wonderful experience to do this recording as they are all originals and each song means something to me. I am hoping other people will find their ‘soul’ again by listening to the lyrics and making the songs their own, to have a Soul Reunion themselves.’

The rich, haunting voice of Daniel Casavant is one that soothes your soul, so buy the CD and you can have your own Soul Reunion. 

Editor's Note: Daniel Casavant will be performing at The Mariposa Cafe in Montreal, Quebec Sunday, October 6 at 6 pm. and a special performance at The Moonshine Cafe in Oakville, Ontario Sunday October 20 8:30 pm.