Fred’Angelo to perform at ItalFest Ferragosto in Mississauga, Ontario

Fred'Angelo Photo Credit Jocelyn Bernier.jpg

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Imported from France to Canada, Fred’Angelo is set to perform at ItalFest Ferragosto in the City (Mississauga) on Saturday, August 10, 2013.

Some extraordinary events have taken place for Parisian-born multi-cultural recording artist Fred’Angelo while celebrating his Italian heritage in Canada.

Following his debut performance at the CHIN Picnic in Toronto to his first Canadian audience of 5,000 fans and in advance of his upcoming August 10 concert at ItalFest in Mississauga, d’Angelo took time out to find two branches of his Sicilian roots.

Fred’s relative Luigi left Sicily at age 19 to find his fortune in North America. Luigi’s daughters, all married now, lost touch with their Sicilian family. With Luigi long since gone, it was a difficult process to locate the American daughters and their families who all live in the Buffalo area. Two branches of the family were recently re-united with Fred.

Fred was greeted at the border by his American cousin who introduced him to a large gathering of relatives all anxious to meet their French cousin of Sicilian descent. The stateside daytrip included a visit to the cemetery to see Luigi is buried, a lifelong dream for Fred who intuitively felt he would one day find this missing link in his family tree. When Fred decided to come to Canada to celebrate his Italian heritage at the CHIN Picnic and ItalFest, he was only hoping this dream could be fulfilled and is grateful for this turn of events.

Fred also performed a duet with Canadian icon Valdy at London’s 40th anniversary of Home County Folk Festival. Valdy and Fred performed a bilingual duet of Lucille Starr’s 1964 mega worldwide hit, ‘The French Song’ (Quand le soleil dit bonjour aux montagnes).   The track will be featured on Valdy’s next CD.

An Italian solo CD is in the works. In addition to the Italian shows and recordings, plans are in the works for French projects in the Quebec market and an English collaboration with Canadian artist Frank Antony.