Broadsway Old Friends featuring Heather Bambrick, Julie Michels and Diane Leah


Submitted by Sandy Graham

Just reading the liner notes and song titles makes you want to sing and do a little soft shoe and tap. Then you put on the CD by the ‘Broadsway’ girls and they have got your attention from the first medley of ‘Together’, that introduces you to them by singing their hearts out to ‘Together Wherever We Go/Side By Side/Glory of Love’, a great combination of songs that my parents sang at house parties when I was a kid.

‘Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy’ is actually performed slow and sultry and is reminiscent of Judy Garland and Gospel all rolled into one. ‘Cloudburst/Oleo’ has a great, happy arrangement, right down to the ‘shave and a haircut – two bits’ running throughout, and has hints of Manhattan Transfer style vocals.

The Moon Medley offers ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon/Blue Moon/Moonglow/Moon River’, ending with an interesting choice of Van Morrison’s ‘Moondance’, which actually fits in with the other classic Broadway/Pop tunes. ‘I Know Him So Well’,’What You Don’t About Women’ really show off the incredible voices of Heather Bambrick and Julie Michels and their wonderful and unique harmonies.

Offerings of two classic Gershwin tunes, ‘Fascinating Rhythm’ and ‘I Got Rhythm’ are arranged by Heather and Julie and has scat and sass as part of their talent. ‘What’ll I Do/My Buddy’ is mournful and misty while ‘Broadsway Bacharach’ is like a pop chart of some of the best tunes of the 60’s. ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’ has the Natalie Cole touches to it of the 70’s hit ‘This Will Be’, doesn’t get much better than this. ‘For Good’ has such a familiar soft seat theatre feel to it, and ‘Old Friends’ ends a great CD with the indefatiguable vocals of the three beauties; Heather, Julie and Diane.

Talented ‘broads’ on an individual basis, the trio combines the humour of Carole Burnett and the feeling that in person these three are like Paulett Goddard, Dorothy Lamour And Veronica Lake of the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby road movies. If you are a fan of broadway tunes and just great vocals, buy this CD or go see them at one of their upcoming gigs. Better still – do both.

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