Fred’Angelo Set For North American Debut

Fred'Angelo Set to Perform at CHIN Picnic

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Photo: Fred'Angelo Set to Perform at CHIN Picnic

Direct from France, Fred’Angelo will be celebrating his Italian heritage on Canada Day in Toronto July 1st at the Scotiabank International CHIN Picnic and August 10th at Mississauga Ital Fest Ferragosto in the City.

A traditional time-proven strategy for achieving a measure of success in the music industry is to create something original, put it on record and see if you can get radio to play it.  With the airplay comes the recognition and the opportunity to develop a fan base which could result in ticket sales for live shows.

Now that only works if radio is playing what the public want to hear.

D'Angelo to perform Mississauga Ital Fest FerragostoD'Angelo to perform Mississauga Ital Fest FerragostoSometimes an artist emerges from the fray, ahead of the curve. Fred’Angelo is one of those artists. Fred has shows of every size, including a large production choreographed by Cirque du Soleil’s Yves Barta with lavish special effects. Fred’s legion of fans across Europe rarely hear him on radio.His name has spread by word of mouth, friend to friend and fan to fan.

The accolades are plentiful, from opening at the Olympia and selling-out concert halls across Europe. His fans are only interested in him. What D’Angelo has achieved at this early stage starting out is where most artists dream of being at the end of their career.

If you see or hear him live, it is easy to comprehend. D’Angelo is an artist of extraordinary talent, with a full three-octave range (rare) and multi-national in scope. Fluently bilingual in French (he was born in Marseille), Italian (his parents are Sicilian), Spanish (which he learned in school) and English – a pre-requisite for any European citizen who wants to go beyond their national borders.

His success is hard won. D’Angelo has been singing and studying music since early childhood, though he adds, “there is no technique that teaches you to sing from the heart.” His music affects everyone in range, with a growing fan base aged 7 to 77, at all ages and from all walks of life.

Fred'Angelo Set for North American DebutFred'Angelo Set for North American DebutD’ Angelo grew up in an Italian household and is proud of his Italian heritage, having returned to Italy a few times – once to represent France for the “Premio Mia Martini”, taking home the RAI prize for ‘Best Live Performance.’

A multi-national artist with a universal perspective, D’Angelo is looking forward to his first concert in Canada this summer.

Thanks to a league of angels on this side of the pond – and in particular Marla, Danuta and their team at Vision 2000 Travel Group as well as Chris Isaac and the good folks at Sennheiser Canada. You can catch Fred’s North American debut at the Scotiabank International CHIN Picnic on Canada Day – July 1, 2013. He will be celebrating his Italian heritage, performing at the CNE Bandshell Stage, Exhibition Place. Showtime is 6 p.m. You can also hear him live on CHIN Radio on Friday morning, June 28 from 7 to a.m. 

D’Angelo will also be performing at the Mississauga Ital Fest Ferragosto in the City (presented by Tomorrow’s Community of Hope) on Saturday, August 10 onstage in Celebration Square at the Mississauga Civic Centre.

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