Taylor Swift Sued By Failed Ottawa Capital Hoedown

Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Country superstar Taylor Swift was booked to headline the much publicized Capital Hoedown in Ottawa last August 2012. Swift was advanced 2.5 million dollars but the event was cancelled. Swift did not return the funds. Oddly it’s not the promoter who is suing but the ticket company FIRE which could be held responsible for refunding some $1.8 million to fans who purchased tickets. It's actually a bit more complicated than that as a credit card company, Evo Merchant Services, was forced to refund the money and have sued FIRE for it, who in turn are trying to get the money returned from Swift.

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftIt hasn’t been made clear exactly who paid Swift the $2.5 million dollars, the producer of the cancelled event, Denis Benoit, or FIRE, or both. In the meantime Taylor Swift's representatives say they haven’t seen the lawsuit and that they made no arrangement with the ticket company.

What does appear to be clear is Swift does not intend to pay back any of the money. Taylor pulls a swift one?

Taylor Swift has written songs about her failed relationships in the past but I don’t think she’s written about being sued before. Keep your ears open it might be another ‘Blame Canada’ brewing!