UK Rock Rap Electro Trio Elephant 12 at Horseshoe in TO

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UK rock rap electro trio Elephant 12 are ready to take North America by storm as they debut in Toronto, Ontario February 26th at the Horseshoe Tavern, then it’s onto New York followed by Austin, TX on March 8th during SXSW. With an invite to showcase at Canadian Music Week, which follows SXSW, it looks like the ride will continue throughout 2013. With an unapologetic punk rock attitude, Elephant 12 delivers hard hitting guitar riffs, experimental programming and catchy lyrics that have East London's underground scene buzzing. 

UK meets Canada with this trio consisting of vocalist Jerome from Toronto, guitarist Robbie and programmer Manlio from England. The latest single "Renegade" follows up the sing-along anthems of "Diet Coke," "Holiday" and "Shut Up." 

"Renegade" speaks on loosing individualism in a society that scope what's normal," Jerome explains, "if your opinions or expressions don't fit the cookie cutter then you're deemed as an outcast." The song transcends all that by blending jazz, rock, and lo-fi electro to convey its message. ""Renegade" is a song to jump to, party to, and spread a message, that it is cool to be outside the box and be that outcast...Renegade not against authority just MisUnderstood."

Tour Dates:
February 26 - Toronto, Ontario @ Horseshoe Tavern, Tuesday New Music Nite
February tbc - New York, NY
March 8 - Austin, Texas @ SXSW
March 19-24 - @ Canadian Music Fest
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