First Rock Show of Year One - Vince Neil Band at the Phoenix


Submitted by Bill Delingat
Photo Credit: Tracey Savein

122112 this date had a lot of significance as according to some calendars it was day Number one of year Number one.

What away to start it off with a great rock concert at the Phoenix nightclub as Vince Neil and his band revved up the crowd. Neil was  playing in the band “Rock Candy”, back in 1981 when he was asked to join Motley Crue  along with his good friend Tommy Lee sitting on the drum Kit. The rest is heavy metal history. Neil released his third well received solo album called Tattoos & Tequila.

The touring Vince Neil band consists of members of Slaughter Dana Strum -bass (Slaughter) Zolton Chaney - drums (Slaughter) and Keri Kelli - guitar (formerly of Adler's Appetite) The band was wailing with tunes starting off with “Live Wire “ and right into Feelgood” ,the set continued with Tattoos and Tequila ,along with Home Sweet Home, Go away mad and S.O.S. Neil took a break as the band did a great Zeppelin medley. Neal  was having fun with almost sold out crowd at the  Phoenix, where the show was moved to from the Rockpile nightclub in Etobicoke. The set ended off with “Kick Start, Girls, Girls, Girls and of course Wild side.

Neil was at full steam and the band were full of energy especially Chaney on drums who was like a show in his own, constantly moving as he slammed down on the drum the kit.

Opening the show was a local band called J’nai, who have been getting a lot of attention in this hard rock market and will be opening up for Queensryche in their Toronto march date.