Donna Greenberg Song in the Wind

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Submitted by Sandy Graham

From the first time you hear the speaking voice of Donna Greenberg, you can feel her passion. Passion for her music, passion for life, passion for mankind. It is no wonder her new CD is such a wonderful production of all that passion. Not to mention her hauntingly beautiful vocals.

Reached in her hometown of Toronto, Canada, Greenberg was eager to talk of her latest offering, 'Song in the Wind'. "I love the songs on this album. They each tell a story, a time or a fantasy in my life, while showing respect for the influence of the famous songwriters who came before me. I love music by Antônio Carlos Jobim, so 'Song in the Wind' was very much influenced by his type of writing .Girl from Ipanema-flavoured, with dance flavours in the production."

"I was classically trained, so I was fortunate to be exposed to all the wonderful composers of the past. I also hold a degree in literature and I an avid reader. This has always been a huge influence on my fantasies of scenes in my mind." "There Was A Time' is a wistful, deep song, with great lyrics and flowing music. "I was taking a walk one night, and saw a young couple talking, walking, looking at houses. They had all the optimism that comes with romance and newness of that fresh love. It is a Gershwin influenced tune. It was nostalgic for when we all have that love in our hearts, when 'there was a time'.

'Stranger' was one of the first songs written by Greenberg, composed with that strong influence of Cole Porter and Gershwin. The unique production of this CD is the fact that this chanteuse sings in Portugese, Italian and French. "I love languages so it was so important to me to be able to sing these songs from the soul. I don't just sing in another language, I become the other language, I feel it." 'Garden at Midnight' (featuring Warren James) is a mysterious song, with a medieval flavour. "I read many historical books, and I was out in a garden, listening to a friend singing in the night, and I had a vision of a tryst, what better place for a secret romance but a dark, romantic garden. What a wonderful place to meet your secret lover."

"Living on the Outside' is an uncomfortable song, but one that has to be out there. So many people feel on the outside, edgy songs are ones you take a chance with sometimes. Having it translated and being able to sing it in French was and incredible experience." Vouloir Quitter Son île loosely translates that she wants to leave her island. So much intensity in French.

'Solitudes' is an especially poignant song. "It is dedicated to my friend, Cynthia Carol Brown, a brlliant lawyer, mother, friend. She was gone too quickly from cancer. The night before she passed, her son, Christian and I stayed by her side, and he quietly said what an amazing mother she is, what a close family they have, then he said "Solitudes that's what we really where we are,,,". As it bittersweet but that was the influence for this song."

Donna Greenberg is also a multi-talented individual. She is a writer, a singer/songwriter, choreographer, and still teaches dance. "I teach adult ballet - it is not a competitive class - it is about healing and health. Some of the new dancers are bereft of joy, and dancing gives them joy. Music is such a vital part of that. I wanted my new CD to be an extension of that joy."

There was a great team effort in the studio with her: Jordan Klapman - piano and keyboard, Ross MacIntyre - upright bass, Glenn Anderson - drum kit, percussions, Joaquin Hildalgo - latin percussion, Kevin Laliberté - nylon string guitar, Tony Quarrington - nylon string guitar, guitar, Tom Skublics - tenor/alto/baritone sax, clarinet, flute, Drew Jurecka - violin, viola, clarinet, Rob Somerville - trombone, Jon Seiger - trumpet. All music and lyrics are originals by Greenberg, harmonization and arrangements were by Jordan Klapman who also was MD and Producer with Greenberg co-producing as well. 
"This is my third CD recording. It is humbling to feel the reaction when people listen to the songs. I hope when people hear it they will know how much we loved doing this recording. My heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful musicians and friends who shared in the creation, evolution and production of this second album of my original songs."

Music is life – it is everything. W/hat else is there? Listen with your heart and soul.