Sills and Smith No Way In No Way Out

Stills and Smith CD Cover.jpg

Electric eclectic folk rock is one way to describe the textured sound of the new CD by Ottawa based duo Sills and Smith. The fifteen song collection is a musical and lyrical journey deftly produced by multi talented and multi instrumentalist Jonathan Edwards. Recorded at Edwards’ Corvidae Music in Ottawa is a ‘thinking man’s” CD ,with introspective , probing and thought provoking lyrics backed by airy, creative tracks of acoustic, slide and electric guitars, bass, drums and keys.

All tracks were written by Frank Smith, Jeremy Sills and Jonathan Edwards with all the lyrics written by Frank Smith. Smith handles the vocals and Sills plays guitars, acoustic and electric and vocals while Edwards plays guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.

The driving beat of Melancholy World belies the angst of the lyric but the point is well made. Open Season on Love is almost a Doors influenced song with a hooky riff carrying the track as the plaintive vocal bemoans the state of the world. Following is I Can’t Reach You which is about someone in pain that is unreachable while Saturday is an uplifting ode to the first day of the weekend. The airy Clouds is followed by Radiance, painting a picture of an aura of “honey gold” on a special person. I’m Right Here promises support while It Doesn’t Matter is just what it seems. Pain is another Jim Morrisonesque ode, possibly to the sweet release of death? Would It All Be Different? ponders the question of turning back time. Life in Miniature is ethereal in its imaginary and haunting vocals. That’s Not the Reason is the irrationality of reason set to funky bass and drum line and authoritative vocal. Light, George Harrison like in tone and message is followed by Ghosts tells a story of how our past is never far away. The excellent light and well defined acoustic guitars on this track suit the lyrics perfectly. Finally No Way In, No Way Out wraps up this CD in fine fashion. If you’re looking for run of the mill songs to play as background music this not the CD for you but if you want something original, thought provoking and unique then get yourself a copy of No Way In, No Way Out by Sills and Smith.

Don Graham