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Submitted by Don Graham

I sometimes think working musicians are the richest people on the planet! The banks may not agree, but what they lack in money they make up for ten fold in caring and compassion. Never is this more evident than when a member of the musical community is in distress.

Such was the case on Sunday May 6th at the famous Cadillac Lounge in Toronto. Around Christmas time of last year Margaret Dinsdale, the founder of Sugar Moon Music, wasn't feeling well and went to the hospital to get checked out. She was told it was only dehydration and was sent home. Turned out she had contracted the C. Difficile, an infection that has a 60% fatality rate. Margaret is a fighter and isn't going anywhere anytime time soon, but the disease has left her a bad way, financially and physically, to say the least and she now faces a month of rehab to learn to walk again and get her strength back. Because she is an independent ( in more ways than one) music industry professional, her business depends directly on her. No work, no funds, and she has been unable to work for a few months so a little help is needed to get her back on track.

Gord Cumming and Lyric DubeeGord Cumming and Lyric Dubee

Enter Tim Armour, Toronto musician and leader of the group Basic English to rally the troops. Tim is a client of Margaret's and has been helping her through this difficult time and decided to put the call out to his musical family to donate a Sunday afternoon in May to benefit this well-liked friend of the industry.

Basic EnglishBasic EnglishThe Cadillac Lounge was secured for a Sunday afternoon and a lineup was put together to help raise a few bucks for the cause. The fine acts that donated their time included singer/songwriter Michael Brennan, the amazing group Massey-Harris, Basic English, fourteen year old guitar whiz Lyric Dubee, and The Jazz Cats. Scheduled performer Big Rude Jake could not make it and had to cancel at the last minute. Myself, Don Graham, got to perform a few songs with my guitar playing buddy Bob Cohen, of Tim Hardin and Jesse Winchester fame.

I can't think of many other groups of professionals who so willingly and unselfishly rise to the occasion when a "family member" is in need of help, so hats off to all the musicians, organizers, and the folks at the Cadillac Lounge for all their help, and support.  Makes one proud to be a member of this fraternity!

It was a successful afternoon and a solid amount was raised through generous donations and a fifty /fifty draw. The winner of the draw put a portion of the winnings back in !! Nice!!!

EDITORS NOTE: Cashbox Canada is matching funds for Margaret and we encourage any industry folks who could not attend to send  a cheque or money order  (no matter how small)  made out to Margaret and mail it to: Margaret Dinsdale c/o Bill Kalanchy 214W - 20 Fashion Roseway
Toronto Ontario M2N 6B5 or
PayPal -

Massey HarrisMassey-Harris

The Jazz CatsThe Jazz Cats

Lyric DubeeLyric Dubee