Small Town Stories – Carli & Julie Kennedy

Carli & Julie Kennedy Small Town Stories.jpg

They say good things come in small packages so ‘Small Town Stories’, part of the EP from the beautiful Kennedy twins, is no exception.

These native BC beauties have it all; talent, charisma and good solid songs. Carli reminds me of Nancy Wilson (Heart) with her solid rhythms on guitar and gutsy solos. Julie charms the sweet sounds out of her violin, and together their vocal harmonies bring it all home.

‘Country Life’ describes their own story, ’Already Miss You’  has you feeling that hungry feeling of romance, when you leave the person and just can’t wait to see them again, ’Come Away With Me’ says it all, ‘Front Row’ has great musicality and clever lyrics, but my personal favourite is the title track ‘Small Town Stories’ that truly captures the essence of living in a small town, and all the comfort and security that goes along with knowing your neighbours and the place you were born in.

These two dynamic artists, each with their own strength of talent, have offered a small glimpse of what a full CD will bring us in the future, but in the meantime, get online and get a copy of ‘Small Town Stories’. It is sure to turn into a collector’s item in the very near future.

Sandy Graham