Black Heritage Productions Honours African Contributions in Canada

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Jojo Chinto and Michael Williams have formed a new company (“Black Heritage Productions”) in 2008 to inform, inspire and influence communication. By creating culturally relevant media.
Here is brief outline of are our first series and  short film.

Outstanding Canadians are 24 interstitials about the accomplishments and contributions of African-Canadians in the flow of Canadian history. Many of these unique Canadians were often ignored by historians and simply forgotten. Our goal is to tell you about those forgotten individuals and make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Our research discovered many unique stories across Canada. Unfortunately, our budget would only allow us to profile just 24. With proper funding we can do more. Rogers Communications funded the original project. For some unknown reason they're not interested or willing to fund anymore. But we haven't given up hope. We still continue to explore funding opportunities in the hope of doing more interstitials to educate Canadians, especially, the young people, about some of the individuals on whose shoulders we stand as we move on.

The documentary, “Black In Canada - The Obama Effect”, was the second part of the Rogers- funded production. It's an attempt to examine African-Canadian reaction to the election of U.S. President Barack Obama. From the very first settlers much of their African-Canadian experience wasn't much different than the experience of African-Americans. So the election of the first African American President, a positive sign of how far we've come in race relations, was also welcomed by many Canadians, especially, those of African descent. The documentary reveals the passion with which many African-Canadians embraced the historic "break through" of an African-American to lead the strongest nation on earth where historically social mobility for people of color hasn't always been easy or possible.

To many who watched MuchMusic in the late '80s and early '90s, Michael Williams was a familiar face. The Cleveland, Ohio-born VJ was most prominently known for hosting the shows Soul in the City and Rap City, playing soul, R&B and hip-hop videos, a critical role given the paucity of radio stations across the country regularly playing the music he became famous for his own identity and achieved a status stardom in his own right.

JoJo Chintoh was born in Ghana, and is a Canadian television journalist, who has worked as  feature who worked as a feature and documentary reporter for Citytv in Toronto until 2009/2010. In 1985, Chintoh received a CanPro award and a Gemini award nomination for his series, "Down and Out in Parkdale". He received the 1984 Sovereign Award from the Canadian Racing Community for his "Quest for the Plate" series. 

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