Dee Long

(Dee Long Music)

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer  Dee Long continues his 45 year musical trajectory by re-inventing not just himself on his seventh solo disc…but his songs.

After a decade in the internationally celebrated mystery band Klaatu (the media thought they were The Beatles reunited) and another decade as a solo artist with Bullseye Records, Dee has decided to revisit his most successful Klaatu songs and re-design his solo material for a modern ear and, hopefully, a younger audience.

With the shine and sparkle of high definition stereo and authentic drum loop samples programmed by Long himself, he fleshes out unrealized song demos from the dawn of the early 1970s like “1, 2, 3, 5”, “Silver Ocean”, “Mexico”, “Collision Course” and “Whatever” and his mid-career solo tracks such as “Never Go Back” and “I Cry Out” that suffered at the hands of dated 1980’s production are finally given their due. But, it’s the Klaatu songs that benefit the most from being polished and put into a modern context.  Fan favourites like “Mister Manson”, “I Can’t Help It”, “Older”, and “Hanus of Uranus” (under its original title) are all here plus, arguably, his greatest song - “Little Neutrino” - featuring help from Canadian session drummer Randy Cooke and co-engineered by Grammy award winner John Jones.