Saidah Baba Talibah: (S)Cream


Last Gang/Universal

Just in time for Toronto’s Caribana comes this kickass, stomping, soul shaking funk/rock throwdown. It’s in the genes of Saidah Baba Talibah, daughter of jazz and blues legend Salome Bey, that her take on R&B is steeped in the roots of the genre which allows for a lot more hard rocking and psych jamming than current forms.

Given her rep for powerhouse live performances, the challenge had to be to get all that energy and intensity on the record. The way forward was to go with variety, the many flavors–including rock, funk and soul, as an introduction to just how many different ways she can light up a song.
Largely alternating between fiery funk rock and sultry downbeat numbers, the range, command and interpretive skills of the lady are impressive. While ‘Place Called Grace’ bangs like nobody’s business ably abetted by Donna Grantis’ wicked guitar work, a more mainstreamed version of Talibah treats us to the standout ballad “High,” in which she breaks down her bad habit for a certain sugar man.  In the same pocket is the sultry “No More,” and this time she’s so done with being done wrong it won’t be happening anymore.

Overall, a catchy mix of the now and the then in soul music. Occasionally raw, ebullient, sassy and seductive, (S)Cream is everything Talibah’s many fans have been hoping it would be.

Saidah Baba Talibah brings the album out to play at Harbourfront for a free show Fri.Jul.29

James Lizzard