The Davey Parker Radio Sound: In A Land of Wolves and Thieves



Parkdale’s newest countrified garage darlings have been busy making a name over the last year on the strength of their live show. Time for that debut album then and as such things go, this one isn’t bad.
For genre fans, this crew falls somewhere between Rockit 88, Catl and the Johnny Max Band. They come armed with dual guitarists/lead vocalists. Graeme Jones and Jason Fitzpatrick and a fondness for psyche rock and garage psychedelia 

While their playing styles are sufficiently different to make both necessary, the similarity between the voices of Jones and Fitzpatrick means some songs are never gonna be all they can be. Case in point, ‘Southern’ eases along on a grabby melody and an easygoing time signature but would have benefited from a more engaged vocal.

Same with the lyrics; you’d think a band which takes it’s name from a Dylan lyric (Check  ‘Trust Yourself’). would work a little harder on the narrative.
The times when the garage band aesthetic and a decent narrative come together are numerous enough to forgive the stumbles. Overall, the set does a decent job of conjuring up the boozy dance party that is a Davey Parker Radio Sound live show. Personal fave track ‘I Tasted Your Love’, is every bit as yummy sticky as it sounds.

James Lizzard