Lindi Ortega: Little Red Boots

Linda Ortega

Last Gang Records

Things are tight for alt-country female singers in the T.Dot at the moment, if only because there are so many good ones around. This makes it all too easy to overlook up and comers, especially if they don’t have big label support behind them, or Tweeter Nation on their side.

So do yourself a favour; don’t overlook Lindi Ortega. The Toronto native’s been building a fan base in the West End’s hipsterville for the last two years, working up a strong live set along the way.

Little Red boots does a great job of replicating Ortega kicking these tunes live, with all the fire that implies. Up tempo opening track "Little Lie" sounds fresh off the floor, Ortega coming with a countrified vocal then smoothly switches gears for the pop-centric  "When All the Stars Align".

You want geetar hooks? She brings ‘em large especially on “Jimmy Dean”, the title rack and the killer “Blue Bird”, the for-sure charter here.

For the closer, Lindi drops a bigass Patsy Cline-ish vocal on “So Sad”, the perfect amalgam of heartache and defiance, the twin themes defining most of the tunes in the set.

So the overall sound? Lucinda Williams and Neko Case getting drunk in Waylon Jennings studio. Or as the lady herself said;” A roadside motel love affair between old school outlaws and country darlings.’

James Lizzard